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New Trader looking to trade full time, help needed?

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  • New Trader looking to trade full time, help needed?

    Hi everyone. Im new to trading but have invested every minute of my free time into learning to trade. My long term ambition is to trade full time and eventually get out of some of the businesses i own to regain a better work life balance.

    I went to a seminar about learning to trade and have seen some very mixed statistics on growth and profit since then. I want to know how realistic are my goals?

    1. What amount of starting captial is required to achieve an average of $5000/month profit? ($AUD)

    2. How many trades should I look to average each month?

    3. What risk/ reward ratio should I be going for?
    I feel iv been lied to expecting to make 1:1.5 easy when ever one i seen is trading at 1:0.5

    I feel my style suits day trading but open to any style. Iv started looking at signals and while im learning but seems there is too many people not using SL's and is too risky for me. The growth and profit stats on safer traders styles seems to be very minimal compared to what i was under the impression of being possible.

    i want to trade with calculated risks and reward and not just gamble. I feel the profits iv been told are possible are from people who gamble their trades and the risk/reward from safe traders is much much more minimal, which i think i would need more captial then i have to make a small amount of safe profit.

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    Correct me if im wrong, but it seems most people are averaging around 1% growth per month or 10% growth per year with safe trading strategies. If thats the case then its way less then i was expecting compared to the the 20-50% growth per month I have seen traders claiming to make.


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      Hello, I'm beginner in Forex trading. I saw some video youtube:

      Do you think it's good EA?