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Can i stop Kaya FX trading platform robbing me

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  • Can i stop Kaya FX trading platform robbing me

    When they where asking for more money they won every trade. Then no activity for a month now loosing every trade I keep asking to withdraw all my money they wont let me> Can anyone help?
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    Kaya is mean rich? What happen with your account? I think just contact your broker customer service and ask them the details..


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      Kaya is a proved scam they are finally blacklisted on the FCA (took long enough) there are more than 140 scam victims just in one Facebook group people in several online forums are saying the same, they use always the same trick soon as you don't want to invest more or make a withdraw they place negative trades until your account is at zero or below the profits are only there if they think you gonna invest more but even then impossible to withdraw and that is a fact.

      the money gets stolen in the minute its on their account so dont be shocked if they put your account in minus in less then 2 minutes, as soon as you make a bigger withdraw or they think you not going to invest more.
      There are a few steps that could help:
      first try to make a small withdraw, tell your account manager a litle storry, why you need money now quickly, but after its solved, you will invest even more with them probably he tries to talk you out of it, but stay focused.
      If that doesnt work at all, tell the company to stop trading on every possible way: email, telephone to you manager and company. Make a full withdraw what they just ignore and then anyway, they put your account in minus but after that, you can report them to the police and with that your bank can make a recall. My experience: they fear a recall, they have been trying hard to bring me to cancel it, and post it everywere here and on other pages.


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          They don't really place trades it's like the demo forex account where you can play with different strategies they set up one of these with the amount you were transferring and let it run it has no risk because they don't allow anybody to withdraw. The money goes directly to there account and with the negative trades they cover it up.
          The KAYA FX web page is a WordPress page with a theme you can buy online with that a little bit of know how you got your scam trading platform.
          here you can see it