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    Good Day from Switzerland. A newbie here, just trying to make it as a future professional trader. Any hints are welcome.

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    Hello NMoita, I am new to the site ... I am sorry no one has replied to you........ I can tell you that there is a ton of info on this site from Andrew and also on YouTube. Trading the Forex market isn't easy . But its just like anything you do do in life. its takes time to learn. open a demo account watch some videos go and do the the training videos. Just hold off the real money until you learn how to trade.


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      Becoming and maintaining a professional Forex Trading career is a tremendously difficult journey, and only those who are gifted and determined will succeed in this industry. After 14 years trading I'm still at it.

      I haven't given up, and I am getting consistent and positive results from my hard work, study, executing trades without emotion, and planning for good setups in the market. Here is what I have learned.

      1. You must be willing to pay a steep price (in money, time, and dedication) to eventually be able to make a living and to grow your equity beyond 100,000 if you are a normal person with normal amounts of capital to invest at the start. I started with $5000 and blew up my account after doing well for a couple months. Then I became overly confident. we've heard this a thousand times. Then I determined that I would learn from my mistakes and be willing to perfect my trading life and plan, and to work wisely with risk management and psychological health so that I could gradually earn enough each month to provide for my family if we were going to move to different places in the world without much hassle.
      2. Find a good broker. Learn the software and forex tools that give success.
      3. Set a schedule to give your day some structure without FX taking over your life, wearing you out, and negatively effecting your life and relationships. FX can become addicting in nature, even if it is not gambling, it is a form of addiction.
      4. Have a humble nature that is willing to learn from those who have been successful.
      5. Rigorously analyse your trading. Connect your trade history to some type of analytical tool / verification website so that you can improve your execution and trade strategy. MyFXBook, FXBlue, and FXStat are the best that come to mind.
      6. ALSO!!! This is one many people forget. Look for alternate sources of income, so that you can safeguard your life from many sources of income should one fail or be lost. This gives one security of mind, and in trading you must have security of soul and mind to do well. I provide private tutoring, provide Subscription based fx signals, have boarders living in my house, and I am investigating other sources too. Diversify your risk, and lower your risk in as many different ways as possible.

      I'm in the battle with you!
      Find me at the links below if you need any help.