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    To become a good follower/investor is a hard and mostly long work.

    The same as crafting a good trade plan and executing day in and day out methodically with unbreakable patience.

    If you think you are the "shining hope" to get rich quick with $1000 invested in Forex, there will soon be No way to recover from an exceptional loss. Remember, every signal provider has developed his own set of rules or guidelines. And he enters the market gingerly and prudently with a relatively small size to preserve precious capital and to compound it when times are easy and highly predictable.

    Sometimes (just like in life) you have to face exceptional events. That means, you need to take exceptional decisions. These unique decisions fall outside your normal set of behaviour or your normal rule set, but you save your life or the life of somebody else.

    Life is irrational and rules are rational. Mostly rules give a certain guarantee to survive, statistically spoken. But if you are stubborn, in certain moments you will run against the wall and lose all. So trade with rules, be flexible in rare moments, but don't invest all your capital. You will need it right when the markets are easy and highly predictable. Above all else study risk management, and learn how to administrate your capital. If you don't study obsessively first, let it be. Only risk the percentage of capital that is proportional to how much you have studied and experimented in this market.

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    When you start trading and do not have any experience what you should do is study all the systems and terms that exist in the market, to make a profit you should know how they work perfectly in addition to the programs and services you can hire, it is advisable to start with managing a demo account and while practicing with it go studying, when you are fully prepared you will be able to take on the challenge of tracing into a real account.


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      The strongest survive in the market, that's a fact. But in general, everyone can understand its mechanisms and rules, especially if there is a great desire and initially serious attitude to the fact that this is your business, a business that will potentially bring you money.


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        The same can be said for any business. To become a real professional, you need to go a long way and learn many things, this is how you can move forward and develop as a real specialist. Another question is that most novice traders are sure that this business does not require any work at all and here you can make money just like that. But this is not true, because this is an ordinary business, which also has certain laws and rules that you must carefully study and follow in order for you to make informed decisions and really understand exactly what you are doing and what consequences your actions can lead to. ... Don't rely on luck, rely on knowledge and experience.


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          Trading is stressful enough - that's a fact. And that is why not everyone agrees to this or refuses after a small test, because they cannot work under such tension.
          And this is normal, everyone has the right to choose what he likes and what ensures his freedom.
          But if you are really interested in this and you see prospects - then you should definitely continue, because this is what in the end can become your path to big money and independence. You just don't need to rush and you should carefully analyze everything that you do on the market - this is the most correct format that leads the most motivated traders to professional trading.