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TP/SL based SAFEST Forex trading system

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  • TP/SL based SAFEST Forex trading system

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to present you my safest Forex trading system.

    Trading Strategy:
    • Demand and Supply zones on higher time-frame.
    • All trades are opened as pending orders.
    Risk Protection:
    • All trades are protected by Stop-loss.
    • Maximum risk per trade is set at 1.5%.
    • Maximum number of trades opened at any time is around 5.
    Other Important Points about our system:
    • No Martingale or grid or Hedging.
    • Our system is FIFO compliant.
    • Only single trade opened at any pair at once.

    Best way to copy our account trades is using the account multiplier.
    If you are using 3x Multiplier then:
    • DD becomes around 9%.
    • 45% return in 6 months from Oct-18 to March-19.
    Based on your risk appetite you can decide your multiplier.

    Important links:

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    Fantastic! Congratulations! That is a very solid strategy (SO FAR as you have a sample of 117).
    Your SHARPE ratio is 0.31 which is also good. Great hedge funds are in the 1.0-1.5 range which is outstanding.

    So yeah, nice results!


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      page gone.. another one bites the dust.


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        Well, it seems to make sense.
        I can see that you've put together quite classic parameters, so overall it's a reasonable approach.
        The important thing is that you really put it into practice, ahh... Then it's definitely gonna be great.


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          On the one hand, I am attracted by your enthusiasm and it seems to me that it is acting traders who can help other traders with real advice, which can later be useful in practice and really form into acting strategies and other useful things. But I think that one should always be careful and remember about the individual needs and personal characteristics of traders, and this is important. So someone will really be able to take advantage of this and enough profit and someone will later say that this is far from the most interesting thing - and this is normal. Everyone can choose what they like and everyone can try and search for exactly what will become the basis for their productive work in the market.


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            It seems to me that you are well prepared to give such recommendations - I see that you are really respectful of trading and are not trying to turn it into some kind of game or entertainment, and this is really the help that many traders are looking for in the market and from -for which they visit similar thematic forums. And it seems to me that the help of experienced traders provided to beginners can really work quite positively, because they can share practical experience and pay attention to details that are revealed only in the process of real work and can even lead to certain losses and disappointment in this business, and this can and should be prevented.