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Power of Forex Fundamental Trading - Fast Income Trading System

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  • Power of Forex Fundamental Trading - Fast Income Trading System

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to present you my Fast Income Forex trading system.
    As we all know Forex market is driven by fundamental events, so me and my friend (who is a fx trader with one of the big bank) started this trading account.

    Important Points about our system:
    • We track all the fundamental events of AUD, NZD, USD, EUR and GBP.
    • Trade only on Major forex pairs.
    • All trades are protected by the SL, when we are wrong; we accept it.
    • We add up positions not only on negative side, but also on positive sides.
    • We wait for the bigger pips, not close trades too early with small profits.

    I hope you all will get benefit from our trading system.

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    Good trading, keep it up bro.

    try to maintain for long term....


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      50% drop from from 11th - 12 of April. Way too risky!!


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        Math doesn't lie. Signal no longer available.


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          A good set of assets, SL applications - I think you're doing everything right.
          And the fact that you acknowledge your mistakes and possible inaccuracies in the strategy - it is absolutely right, because there are no golden strategies as it is known, but there is always risk.


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            Well, there are also nuances that should be considered in the work, because news can be not only a source of huge income, but also a major disappointment. The main thing is to learn how to do it correctly, because fundamental analysis must be studied as accurately as possible.


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              Fundamental analysis is one of the key ways of competent and detailed market analysis, because this is what makes it possible to discover the greatest potential for movement, and this is a well-known fact, not surprisingly, that it attracts a lot of attention.


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                I appreciate your effort to formulate good strategy, but, trading on fundamentals is extremely difficult, because you need to be very good at macroeconomics and monetary system of a chosen country. In addition, not all macro indicators are important at the same time.