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  • Rande Howell - Trading Psychology

    Rande Howell has deep insight into trading psychology. Highly recommended. I purchased his book and I'm not being paid to advertise his work here.

    Trading shouldn’t be so hard to master. But it is. What keeps you from achieving success in trading? Well, the answer is hidden in plain sight, because it...

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    Thanks Mike O,
    I can vouch for Rande's work, He spoke at our Australian Technical Analyst's Association (ATAA) national convention.
    I have implemented some of his techniques and refer to his "The committee of the mind" as an analogy.


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      Thank you for this recommendation. I find it very interesting as trading psychology is not something that can be learnt easily by any trader. It takes a little bit more time and experience, so any help on this topic I find very valuable


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        Psychology in trading is super important to be able to succeed, for this very reason any video or book that you can read will serve to you to mentalize in better way to enter the commerce, staying strong psychologically is something very difficult that not everyone can do and that is needed especially for the most difficult moments.


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          It is really true that psychology is really an important component in trading, because a trader makes important decisions every day, analyzes various news and strategies every day, sees some surprises in the market every day and faces certain losses every day - this is really difficult. and this can lead to tremendous anxiety and stress. And after all, of course, not all traders can cope with this and because of this, they either make a large number of mistakes or refuse trading altogether and then also speak negatively about it. So study this question and do not be afraid that this is some kind of manifestation of weakness - this is not at all the case.


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            Well, this is not surprising, because this is not an easy matter and here, indeed, many do not withstand precisely this emotional stress, and it is because of this that some traders stop trading, because they prefer more calm and restrained activities. And I do not blame people for this in the least - why torture yourself. But I am sure that many problems can be avoided if people immediately possess certain skills for dealing with such stress. And for this you can use meditation and make a normal work schedule so that you can always rest and collect your thoughts. This is really important because if you work non-stop, you are more likely to experience burnout and / or gambling.