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20k Bitcoin is here

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  • 20k Bitcoin is here

    Hope you got in while it was cheap.

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    34k Bitcoin is Here


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      Well it's worth noting here the fact that it's becoming popular is not always good news.
      Because the same bitcoin wallets operate without control at all, and in fact amid the advantages there are also disadvantages, because if you are cheated - you will have difficulty proving that it really happened and you will have difficulty finding some things to solve these problems.
      But I agree that the potential for bitcoin movement is really high and it's definitely not the limit yet and it will have some continuation.
      Well what can I say - we have to be more attentive to these changes and we definitely still have a chance to catch a moment when everyone can make money on this asset.


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        I think a lot of people look at this whole situation and think - why didn't I buy bitcoin 1 or 3 years ago? And it's amazing how such a dubious asset, which at first was perceived as some ridiculous joke, now became so popular and popular and now there are even bitcoin wallets, which allow people all over the world to make many financial transactions, which are not tracked by banks and all this with minimal fees. In fact, this still definitely has a great future and this is even against the backdrop of the fact that other assets from this category have emerged to date. Now we will definitely be more attentive to such things and definitely pay more attention to it.


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          We can talk about it from different angles - but the fact remains that bitcoin really, though rarely, but significantly enough rises in the market - and of course this gives an opportunity to earn and those who have bitcoins and those who work with it in the format of classical trading.
          In fact, until a while ago, it really seemed that it existed in the market somehow out of control. But now it's enough just to look at the charts to estimate that there are already formed quite strong levels, which allow to build up a habitual work of technical analysis, so I think that many traders have already included bitcoin into their daily plan of actions, and there will surely appear more ways of analysis.