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I can't live without this tool and neither should you! [FREE]

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  • I can't live without this tool and neither should you! [FREE]

    Keeping this short and sweet.

    I've used many order sizing calculators over the 10+ years trading and this one is one of the best and its free.

    Automatic lot size calculation based on % risk.


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    Thanks NFX for sharing , Wish I could see the .mq4 files. I like to learn to code.

    Originally posted by RenkoGuy

    Is it updated ? wich one to use ?

    From Pg 1,
    1/Use Uploaded" 08/04/2015 Zip File . Take 1 file from this Zip file : EasyOrder.dll - Put into the Libraries folder
    1/ Use 22/04/15 Zip files
    2/Use "Uploaded" 23/04/2015 Easy Order Draw
    3/Use "Uploaded" 01/05/2015 EasyorderInd.

    All files go in to Script I think except for the EasyOrder.dll file.

    If you get error message:

    It seems to be working although not yet sure how many functions it has.


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      ( Is the on to use.
      Have a good read of the instructions on that page to get an idea of what it does. Its really easy:

      1) Drag 'EasyOrder' on your chart, you don't need to use the others but they need to be installed. The others are used by the main 'EasyOrder' script.
      2) Select 'New Order' to select the type of order you want.
      3) Select Risk as a percentage 1.0 = 1%
      3.1) You can right lick on it and untick 'Risk Based' to set lots. (Don't see why you would use this)
      4) Move your SL(Red Line) and TakeProfit(Blue Line) to where you want and submit.
      5) Popup window confirms your order and select OK.

      I trade with this everyday. Takes the math out of calculating risk percentages based on stoploss.


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        Forgot to mention:

        6) DLL is in (older zip, just take the DLL from there, the main scripts from the latest zip)
        7) Press F3 to bring up Global Variables
        8) To enable live trading add EO_ALLOWTRADING : 1


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          For a start, to get used to it and not to waste time, everyone should use it. But as time goes by, you become so accustomed to it that you have these calculations and you can do it yourself without any problems and you can not use it. A lot depends on your level of training.


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            And I thought it was always a free tool, because I've seen it on different sites, and everywhere you could use this and calculators to convert currencies at today's rates, etc. for free.


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              A trading calculator is never superfluous. It saves time and helps beginners, that's why I've recently read that many people have problems with it and traders unnecessarily increase their risks, and this as we all know can lead to serious consequences.