Quantitative algorithms scan the financial markets to find opportunities for the CryptoCoinCopy Community.
RSI Indicator reaches Overbought/Oversold levels and waits to cross back before signaling Entry is best during ranging markets
BAND Bollinger Band Breakout of standard deviation Entry is best during Trending markets, Only take in direction of Trend
EMA 100 Period EMA acts as support when price is above the EMA and resistance when below the EMA Entry in direction of the EMA is always best during Trending markets
MACD Moving Average convergence/divergence antipicates Trend reversals followed by momentum Entry suggests Trend Reversals
ICHI Ichimoku Tenkan Kijun Cross over expects Momentum breakouts and follow through Often a delayed signal that catches Momentum breakouts during Trend Reversals
BAR Rally Price action patterns using candlesticks only Several bullish or bearish candlesticks in consecutive order
BAR Engulf A candlestick that is larger then the previous bars and acts as an immediate Momentum indicator Trend Reversal Pattern
BAR Change The percentage change from that current bar Indicates the strength of the move
ATR Average True Range suggests the Momentum strength of the current move Peak indicates above the average and Valley indicates the low of the average

Currently these are very generic strategies because I wanted to test an idea. "Can i get signals into telegram first?" then, "can I copy the signal with another telegram bot to my crypto trading account. Better strategies coming soon.