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Canadian GDP release preview

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  • Canadian GDP release preview

    Soon we will get the latest round of GDP numbers from Canada. Here is what to watch out for:

    Good luck in your trading!

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    The structure of the market surprises me every day. Just think - this news has been published every month for years and every time it has had a significant impact on the market! It clearly demonstrates that you can always access information here and the market does have a certain history that repeats itself at every stage of formation. This is what can be a reference for studying the news and making decisions, so I advise all traders to pay attention to this, because at any moment it can allow you to be more accurate and correct and not miss some important things that can allow you to earn money.


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      If we are talking specifically about Canada, then there is nothing surprising here at all.
      This country has a strong economy and a stable financial situation - which is why the numbers are always quite strong here and therefore there is a good basis for making serious decisions.
      But of course we should not give any specific recommendations here. I'm sure that there are traders who deliberately ignore this news and it does not bother them in their work.
      In fact, many traders are more focused on technical analysis, but it is important to understand that the fundamental analysis always follows us - and this can lead to unexpected speculations, the reasons for which you can not explain.