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How to make maximum profit with minimum loss ?

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  • How to make maximum profit with minimum loss ?

    How to Trade without making loss ? How to trade safe ?

    Then you might be an expert or just using few tools in trading platforms you can trade like an expert. Here we are not going to learn any techniques however just using the tool you can minimize your loss.

    What are the Type of Forex Orders ! How can you prevent from making the latter mistake?

    maximum profittrailingstop-lossAverage Currency Movement Per day !

    Major Currency and Cross Currency

    Do You know Forex Currency Ranking ?

    You have bought a one share price value@ 100 and setting the Stop loss @75 and Take profit of @125. There are two outcomes in your trade. Either the trade will hit take profit or stop loss. If it take profit you end up with $25 profit similar to stop loss ending up with $25 loss. What If the same share rises @200, after hitting profit then you might think you have missed biggest profit !

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    I totally agree, but you also need to watch the news, I always do discover this info here


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      Yes it's possible but difficult. Basic thing for making maximum profit is just practice...Because Practice makes perfect. Another factor which affect are trading trends, tools, time horizon and trading strategy. Don't forget the golden rule: Buy Low and Sell High.


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        well said about missed opportunities, I think that every trader faces this feeling periodically, on the other hand in my opinion let there be a little less profit than a high risk which may not be justified.


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          From what I've heard from my acquaintances, almost everybody has difficulties with the competent definition of stop loss and take profit, and not only when you are just starting your way, sometimes traders are lost even if they have a lot of experience, but most often it is connected with the news, when the fundamental analysis falls out of the usual framework.


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            Well, it should be added that a lot more depends on the strategy, the trading style, etc. In fact, it is not enough just to pick up Take Profit and Stop Loss, the components are much bigger. But even this is not to deny, the market has a value of every detail !


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              Increasing profitability and reducing risk is one of the most difficult tasks for a Forex trader, regardless of his/her trading style. First of all, it depends on the yield/risk ratio and profitability.
              First of all, of course, it is a smart money management strategy. A trader, risking a small percentage of his funds, does not feel a sharp fear of losing. If a trader's risk is a certain percentage of the price of an asset at each trade, he or she is confident of smaller losses and larger profits. In this case, considering the situation from the point of view of emotionality, it is much easier to use various tactics to reduce risks in Forex and maximize returns. Another rather effective method is to change the size of the position depending on the market dynamics, including the variation of percentage of the price of an asset.
              To sum up, it should be said that a smart trader, who wants to increase the profitability/risk ratio, should not be afraid to leave the market, limiting the loss, and refuse from insignificant profit. Applying this approach in practice can significantly increase the income from trading in the Forex market.


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                I'll dare to give you some tips that together with the above should help you improve your trading results.
                -compare the size of the opening trade (lot size) with the size of the deposit.
                Many traders open for 0.01 lot, having large amounts of money on deposit. Proper money management is very important for a trader. Make sure that your trading obligations do not exceed (but not less than) 1-2% of your deposit.
                -use trading robots.
                Trading advisors allow to significantly relieve the trader, first of all freeing up the time spent in front of the monitor. Both emotional unloading and strict observance of trading rules is important. Another question is that you still need to find a profitable advisor. But all this is solvable, the main thing is the desire and understanding of the situation.
                -invest your free funds
                Money loves silence and... shouldn't lie around. If your capital is enough to trade on Forex and trading brings profit, think about investing part of your profit in reliable assets. Complex interest is not in vain considered the eighth miracle of the world - over time the profit will be summed up, which will bring even more profit and so on the circle. The main thing is caution, analysis and diversification of investments. Put aside greed, forget about unrealistic interest, and focus on the stability of trading of managing traders.
                -constant training and practice.
                It is banal, but it is a very important point. Markets are constantly changing, and if a trader doesn't keep up with them, he'll suffer losses. Any profitable trading system implies understanding how the market works, what drives them.


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                  Blazaronald, I generally agree with you, except when you are speaking about using trading robots and advisors. Here we completely disagree. I think that every trader should rely on his own strategy and skills and be his own boss. Right?