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    Britain and the European Union reached a revised Brexit agreement in the final minutes of Monday night with them finally eliminating the biggest obstacle point in their Brexit divorce agreement, just hours before the British Parliament will decide on an agreement on Tuesday (12/3) night.

    Ahead of the parliamentary vote, May flew to Strasbourg, France, to look for revisions, guarantees or other changes from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker who would persuade British legislators who were reluctant to support withdrawal agreements with the European Union.

    PM May said the new documents to be added to the agreement provided "legally binding changes" to parts relating to the Irish border. The legal withdrawal agreement of 585 pages was left intact.

    "In politics, sometimes you get a second chance. What you do with this second chance is taken into account. Because there won't be a third chance," Juncker warned British lawmakers who would vote or not in the draft on Tuesday night.

    May said the changes must address parliamentarians' doubts about the mechanisms in the agreement designed to keep open borders between Northern Ireland and the EU member states of Ireland. The mechanism, known as backstop, is a protection that will keep Britain in the customs agency together with the European Union until there are new permanent trade relations.

    Brexit supporters in the UK are worried that the backstop can be used to tie the country to EU regulations without limits even though the UK itself has been released from the EU on March 29.

    May said the new words "will guarantee that the European Union cannot act with the intention of implementing backstop without limits."

    "Now is the time to jointly support this better Brexit agreement and fulfill the wishes of the British people," he said.

    But the change seems to be far from the demands of pro Brexit MPs at the UK exit mechanism from the backstop. They want the UK to decide to leave the customs agency with the EU unilaterally without an agreement with the EU.

    Pro-Brexit lawmakers said they would read the draft agreement on the revised results first and await the decision of the British attorney general before deciding how to vote on Tuesday.

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    GBPUSD suddenly weakened to move to the lowest level of the session at 1.3004 after the market responded to the actions of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox who gave a thumbs down to the new Brexit agreement. He said that legal risk remained unchanged that Britain would not have a legitimate way to abandon Irish backstop arrangements.

    He did say that guarantees reduce the risk of erratic pitfalls in the backstop and ensure that it is a legally binding document. The clarification provides substantive and binding reinforcement of legal rights available to the United Kingdom.

    In all, he gave a little credit agreement, but in fact he said that legal risk was still enough to convince Euroseptics to vote against it.

    His opinion lowered the possibility that Parliament would approve the agreement which was fought hard in Starsbourg on Monday night.


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      GBPUSD strengthens to 1.3136, VOLATILITY WILL INCREASE UP TO MARCH 22

      The pound strengthened on Wednesday after plunging in on Tuesday to respond to British Prime Minister Theresa May's second defeat in parliamentary votes over the revised Brexit agreement with the European Union, but investors prepared for more volatility ahead of the additional Brexit process.

      This parliamentary rejection deepens the country's political crisis a few days before the planned departure date on March 29.

      Lawmakers will now vote on Wednesday on whether Britain must exit the biggest trade bloc in the world without an agreement. If the "no agreement" exit plan is rejected, another vote will be held on Thursday about whether to extend the departure date March 29.

      Parliament is likely to reject the 'no Brexit agreement' plan, and the possibility of choosing to extend the UK deadline out of the EU on March 29.

      This most realistic option that sustains the pound has temporarily strengthened. At the time of writing, GBPUSD is trading at 1.3136, up 0.51 percent or 67 pips.

      As many as 28 leaders of European Union countries will meet at the EU summit March 21-22 to determine whether they provide a suspension of the Brexit deadline. But this tight time has made parliament difficult because other Brexit plans have not been in their minds.


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        Yen promote as dollar faces expectations for an accommodative Fed

        The Japanese yen rose not in the disaffect and wide off from Tuesday, benefiting from a U.S. dollar hit by issue on the summit of the U.S. economy and expectations that the Federal Reserve will prove accommodative at a meeting this week.

        The euro in addition to profit from the weaker dollar, association 0.2 percent to $1.1348 (EUR=EBS).

        Markets expect the Fed to strike a dovish tell once it meets this week, and bets on an join up rate scuff have increased after weaker-than-respected manufacturing data going re for Friday.

        The U.S. currency, measured adjoining a basket of rivals, has weakened 1.3 percent in the last 10 days. On Tuesday, it fell 0.2 percent to 96.415 <.DXY.>

        The Australian dollar has gained the most from the U.S. dollar's retreat. The New Zealand and Canadian dollar are moreover drama ably.

        "Assuming Washington does not incline more coarse behind insinuation to trade in the unventilated remote, expect this more benign vibes to continue and to tolerate in local stories to win through ... ," ING analysts said.

        Volatility in foreign row markets is at its lowest in five years and analysts pronounce recent decisions by the Fed and optional postscript major central banks are contributing.

        Sterling furthermore gained, rising on a fifth of a percent to $1.3280. It had fallen overnight after the speaker of Britain's parliament upended Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans by ruling that she had to alter her twice-defeated conformity by now offering it for a third vote.

        The Bank of England is customary to depart its incorporation rate outlook unchanged at a policy meeting on Thursday because of the uncertainty more than Britain's decision to depart the European Union.

        Focus upon Tuesday was furthermore upon Germany's ZEW economic index for March, due on the subject of 1000 GMT.

        The German economy, Europe's largest, barely avoided recession in the fourth quarter, as global trade disputes and Brexit curtailed a decade of shape to the fore.


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          Thanks for keeping in touch! I also find out the most important news here go


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            I love analytical articles, it always helps to broaden your horizons, even if you read about something that has already passed, because in this case you can find a pattern using charts, that is, to learn something interesting for the future, it is always useful, so I recommend everyone to look through this information, the more you know, the better you navigate the market. This is a fact!


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              News really is the basis for the most important decisions in the market - that's a fact. You can always find some support and make some choices that can dramatically affect performance in the market and lead to some unexpected but effective decisions. Of course you can be more deeply interested in this or you can choose only the biggest news, which are connected only with the key assets, but in any case it is worth to analyze and keep under control, because this way you can avoid the situation when some strong movement or change occurs in the market and you don't understand the reasons of what is happening. This is really important.