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Best forex robot 2019 profit 160% in 40 days

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  • Best forex robot 2019 profit 160% in 40 days

    has anyone ever used forexdrawEA here? my friend said that he got a very profitable EA and always followed the market in each trade. if anyone is interested in this forum please visit, where the admin also provides a trial version, I have used it and the results are profitable. if anyone is interested in trying ...

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    Robotic systems are really in high demand right now because it saves you time in the market, because it doesn't require your personal involvement on a regular basis. You can really combine trading with some other format of business or with your main job and still profit from the market in a passive format. And while this is in high demand, it's not easy to find a truly workable system that you can use on a regular basis. Because almost all of them are geared toward some kind of hard levels, and they too can change at the first speculation in the market. So you have to choose carefully and attentively.


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      Well, I would advise you not to forget that the market is chosen by many people precisely because there is a certain freedom of action here and you can always choose what you like, rather than being guided by some strict rules. And if a person has such an opportunity and a sincere desire to try it - then you should not limit yourself, because then you will definitely regret that you didn't agree to it. And this way you can try it and make conclusions, and even if you're not happy with the consequences - you'll know it for sure, instead of being tortured in guesses. Also, you don't want to invest a lot of money in this format right away. You can always limit yourself to a minimum investment and just analyze the statistics. Although 160% doesn't look very realistic. I would like to see proof on a real account.


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        I'm not sure if this can be used as a stand-alone format and would be the right thing to do. But it could probably be combined with active work in the market to increase the chances for profit and keep all risks under control.
        Because you should not forget about risks even if you have already reached a certain level of professionalism and you feel confident enough in decision-making and in direct trading.
        Also, to start with I would advise to check it on a demo or on some simulator, because it will allow you to check the statistics without any additional investment and to assess in practice whether it can really bring such a significant profit.