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    Market Analysis on EUR USD & GBP USD

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    Technical Analysis on EUR USD or GBP USD

    EUR/USD Pair Shows On Bulls to at the level by 1.2275 to Resistance Confluence

    The EUR/USD is the mark to the 0.15% to the intraday gain that currently around at the level by 1.2275 to keeping the previous days to the momentum inside the ascending trend channel to the formation to the Wednesday Asian Session.

    Moreover, the currency major has printed the three-day winning streak to the strong RSI and the Bullish MACD in which it will turn highlights to the strength to the resistance channel to the monthly high.

    It should, notwithstanding, be noticed that the pair's capacity to cross 1.2275 will invigorate the multi-month high glimmered prior while peering toward the April 2018 pinnacle encompassing 1.2415. During the potential gain, the 1.2300 edges can offer a moderate end while the March 2018 high of 1.2476 can challenge EUR/USD purchasers thereafter.

    Then, the past opposition line, presently upholds, at 1.2230, confines the pair's pullback pushes forward of the channel uphold close to 1.2210.

    In the event that at all the EUR/USD traders hide in around at the level 1.2210, the 1.2200 adds a channel to the disadvantage focusing on the mid-month low around 1.2130/25.

    GBP/USD Pair Extends to the 21 days SMA to Bounce off to Resistance Line

    The GBP/USD pair picks the bids near to the level by 1.3535 to the 0.27% intraday in this Wednesday’s to the Asian Session. To stretch the cable and U-turn to the 21 days SMA to the buyers to falling to the trend line.

    To seems the RSI conditions to the trading above the 21 days SMA to the upward sloping trend to the bulls that will set the level by the monthly peak to the surrounding level by 1.3620.

    Should authentic purchasers keep the reins past-1.3620, March 2018 low around 1.3710 will be the key?

    On the other side, the 1.3500 edges can offer prompt help in front of the 21-day SMA, as of now around 1.3430. However, GBP/USD bears are less inclined to intercede except if seeing a day by day close beneath the multi-day-old helpline, at 1.3255 at this point.

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      Technical Analysis on EUR USD or USD CAD

      EUR/USD Pair Goes to the Bids to Top Around Level At 1.2300

      The EUR/USD pair will poke at the 32 months high as compare to the previous day that would take round at the level by 0.12% intraday during this early Thursday. The pair will be jumped to the multi-month high after clearing the December top.

      The EUR/USD buyers are successfully trading above at the level by 10-SMA and go upward to the sloping trend line to the MACD to the flirts bulls. At present, the upside momentum seems to ascend the trendline at the level by 1.2370 now to the round figure .2400.

      In actuality, a disadvantage break of the early-month high close to 1.2270 can re-test the 10-day EMA level of 1.2230. However, trendlines extended from early November and December 09, individually around 1.2215 and 1.2200, will test the statement's further shortcoming.

      For a situation where the EUR/USD bears retake control below at the level 1.2200, the 1.2000 and the early November high close to 1.1920 will pick up the market's consideration.

      USD/CAD Pair Ignore the Falling Wedge on 1D

      The USD/CAD seems around the mid at the level by 1.2700 the recent downside to the momentum during the Thursday trading session. The pair dropped below the level by 10-day SMA to the previous day.

      All things considered, two skips off 1.2688, the multi-month low blazed before about fourteen days, are on the USD/CAD dealers' radar right now. However, any further drawback will be tested by the lower line of the expressed example close to the level of 1.2590.

      Then, potential gain freedom of 10-day SMA, at 1.2827 presently, will eye to affirm the expressed bullish example with a break over the 1.2870 obstruction line.

      In spite of the fact that a fruitful move past-1.2870 hypothetically demonstrates a slow run-up past 1.3500, 50-day SMA close to 1.2970, the 1.3000 thresholds, and numerous tops underneath 1.3400 can challenge the bulls during the ascent.

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        Technical Analysis on EUR USD or GBP USD

        EUR/USD Pair Traded Near to the Psychological at Level 1.23

        The EUR/USD pair is traded at the level by the psychological level at 1.23 according to the press time that was failed to the foothold that will seem above at the level by fourth straight trading day on this Tuesday.

        If we see the repeated rejection above at the level by 1.23 that indicates the uptrend exhaustion to validate the 14-day Relative Strength Index Bearish Divergence.

        The Quick progress seems above at the level by 1.23 to the uptrend going on the other hand the downside level seems at the violation support at the level by 1.2215 to the temporary bear reversal that will shift to the risk sub at the level 1.21.

        GBP/USD Pair Seems at Bulls Eye With two Week Old Previous Support to level 1.3600

        The GBP/USD pair picks up near the level of 1.3628 during this Wednesday according to the Asian Session. In Addition, the successful trading seems beyond the 50 HMA bullish to the MACD and the GBP/USD to the Past 100 HMA to the upside of the pair.

        Be that as it may, potential gain moves past-1.3645 will have an uneven street as the month to month top close to 1.3705 and March 2018 low around 1.3710 stands tall to test the GBP/USD strength. On the other side, 50-HMA and 100-HMA, separately around 1.3615 and 1.3550, limit the transient drawback of the GBP/USD costs. Should GBP/USD bears rule past-1.3550, there are various backings around 1.3530-20 in front of featuring the sub-1.3500 zone.

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          I think everybody loves this kind of thing, because even if you're doing the analysis purely on your own, you might still be interested in looking at some other format or seeing how other people work, to highlight some details, little features, etc. It really helps because the market is changing very fast and this open attitude to new knowledge is exactly what is going to help you to find timely and relevant methods for analysis and trading and it's going to move you forward.
          And it's worth mentioning that it's interesting not only for newbies, but also for professionals who always want to be the first and are always ready to try something extraordinary.


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            It's actually really good news when I see some quality analysis that can be put into practice... Because any trader in one way or another needs certain guidelines in order to act in the market and it's definitely necessary on those days when the market looks too calm and you can't find a profitable position to enter the market and to make money. And I think it's important not just to copy the actions of those who did this analysis for you, but it's important to look at the charts and the data so you can understand why it happened this way, believe me, it works better than what you do just from a pattern...