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    Trader Chats with TradeAlerter

    Friday 11th April 2014


    Retail Trader: Why are you buying UJ here? Support is at 101.20 and we in a downtrend and market is at 101.50.

    TradeAlerter : Buying UJ because Nikkei has fallen 1200 points in 5 days since last Friday and expect it to rally off the huge support at 14000 when it opens in a few hours. Japanese will say something to get shorts to exit into the weekend and bargain hunters to enter market and then the UJ and most Yen crosses will rally for the Asian session at least.

    Retail Trader: What will the Japanese say to get the market to rally?

    Tradealerter: I don't speak Japanese

    Retail Trader : ........................I am just going to stick to my charts....

    Tradealerter: Good luck!
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    "You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else."

    Albert Einstein

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    So to be a pro we must learn Japanese?

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