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    It can be a tedious process but the alternative of feeling so miserable just isn't a manageable situation. Another one of the things to look at for exhaustion are your folate levels too. When folate levels are low, it is another cause of fatigue.I hope you can get some energy back.Many doctors do not check all of the thyroid levels that they should. You may not be taking enough medication. An endocrinologist will check your blood until your thyroid TSH levels are where they should be. You may have to return every few months just to make sure. My hair fell out before I had the correct dose of medication. After being on the right dose of medication, it stopped. My energy increased, too.NSE Fututes brokerage is 0.005% of volume. You can get upto 20 times Intraday limit in NIFTY-50 stock futures. In option trade 10 rs per lot without exposure.

    Nifty Trading