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MT4 Turbo Scripts for Day Trading and Scalping

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  • MT4 Turbo Scripts for Day Trading and Scalping

    update - EA with Close ALL Button Attached

    I made some scripts on request of our favorite lady trader in the chat room Jenni. On special request she needed a script to enter several orders instantly with Hotkey ( keyboard shortcut - you can program MT4 to run any script with a crtl + a-z).

    MaxTrades = The script will enter X amount of trades
    SpreadPippet = The script will check the spread before entering, if your spread is 0.9 pips, then you enter 10 into this setting == 1.0 pip
    Lotsize The script will enter the same lotsize
    Details = Popup alert with execution time and spread at request

    When you Run a Script, it will activate on the selected Chart that you are viewing. If you are looking at 10 charts at once, just click on the chart, ( it will highlight the frame) and use your HotKey

    There are two scripts = Buy and Sell

    The third script is to close all traders instantly

    enjoy day traders.
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    There is no file to download ?


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      How to HOTKEY

      once you install the scripts into the script folder, restart mt4, Open the Navigator so you can see all your indicators, expert advisors, and scripts. go to the script you want to HOTKEY and right click, scroll to HOTKEY and follow the setup. Its pretty easy.

      You have select "ALT" or "CTRL" in the CONTROL column , then select a Letter or Key on the keybaord, then click the SET button. All done, do the next script!

      Once its done, you simple do the hotkey, like crtl + B to setoff the script. or crtl +V to setoff the other script.

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        Originally posted by Tripzor View Post
        There is no file to download ?
        I only see the image upload and the link button. I don't think i can attach a zip folder.


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          thank you so much HedgeBitcoin very appreciated. btw i am 8 year old little girl not a lady yet hehe very young


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            She finally made her first post :O


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              Very good Hedgo.
              Thank you will try these out on demo.


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                Nice. I use scripts & hotkey too.


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                  Button Close All on selected currency added. Enjoy - Download link updated.