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  • ♒Signals to Profit Everyday♒ From RealTrade

    Hi, my name is Emil, and I am new financial consultant and analyst in RealTrade Company. I have experience of profit trading on Forex and CFD markets. I want to share my knowledge with you and help earn to beginners.

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    Currency pair AUD/USD is hitting strong level 0.7730 on daily chart, also RSI indicator shows us overbought. I see good opportunity to short.
    Sell +-0.7830
    StopLoss 0.7920
    TaekeProfit 0.7710
    Currency pair EUR/USD we can see SideWays on weekly chart, where now price is hitting strong level 1.1450. In additional, MACD indicator shows us divergence.
    Sell +- 1.1450
    StopLoss 100-160 points
    TakeProfit 140-200 points.


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      Thanks TrumpCare for this surprise concerning USD, and we need to bypass this situation with dollar. I representing 2 more signals on currency pairs, which Trump news can't affect.

      Currency AUDNZD after positive talks on Australian Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes and bad quarter CPI publication in New Zealand grew up, and I see moment where we can open sell position on D1 chart.
      Sell 1.0880+-
      StopLoss 100-110 points
      TakeProfit 160-180 points

      GBP/JPY fell down after bad CPI results per year in Britian, and we can earn by buying on H4 chart from support level and line.
      Buy 145.75+-
      StopLoss 65-70 points
      TakeProfit 145-180 points.


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        New Zealand Dollar vs American dollar on daily chart show us a perfect moment to open sell order, in addition MACD indicator show divergence.
        Sell +- 0.7370
        StopLoss 120-130 points
        TakeProfit 160-170 points

        Euro vs American Dollar - after when TrumpCare collapsed dollar, EUR/USD was showing correction, so now currency pair touched old resistance line
        Buy +- 1.1520
        StopLoss 30-35
        TakeProfit 50-60


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          AUD/JPY, there is strong resistance line at D1 chart, and right now we can sell it! Additional signal to sell is RSI indicator in overbought zone.
          Sell +- 88.95
          StopLoss 185-210 points
          TakeProfit 230-280 points

          XAG/USD, silver now is touching old pierced support line on Daily chart from the bottom, so I am waiting rebound below.
          Sell +-16.35
          StopLoss 45-55 points
          TakeProfit 65-70


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            USD/CHF on daily chart is going turn around, there is strong horizontal level plus MACD convergence.
            Buy +-0.9500
            StopLoss 85-100 points
            TakeProfit 160-170 points

            GBP/CHF has touched just hitted down support line from the below, SELL order!
            Sell +- 1.2365
            StopLoss 50-55 points
            TakeProfit 80-100 points


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              Monday, very fundamentally quiet day, because of that we will trade on H4 charts.
              USD/JPY oversold plus he right now touched horizontal level.
              Buy +-110.75
              StopLoss 60-70 points
              TakeProfit 85-135 points (23.6, 38.2 fibo levels)

              GBP/USD H4 chart, horizontal level, only shorting.
              Sell +-1.3015
              StopLoss 60-75 points
              TakeProfit 85-135 points.


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                USD/CAD is becoming cheaper last 2 months. Now we can open Buy order at horizontal level at daily chart. P.S. on H4 chart is visible strong MACD convergence.
                Buy +-1.2500
                StopLoss 140-150 points
                TakeProfit 260-300 points

                GBP/JPY on H4 chart is going to 1) horizontal level; 2)psychological level 3) beautiful median line
                Sell 146.00
                StopLoss 90-110 points,
                TakeProfit 200-250 points


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                  NZD/JPY on weekly chart is going to resistance line, but on daily chart we can see horizontal line, where may be sell order.
                  Sell +-83.75
                  StopLoss 120-130 points,
                  TakeProfit 300-400 points


                  USD/JPY is going to just hitted up horizontal line on H4 chart, I will be open long position.
                  Buy +- 111.65
                  StopLoss 60-70 points
                  TakeProfit 100-110 points


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                    GBP/CHF came to strong daily level, I'll open sell order.
                    Sell +- 1.1215
                    StopLoss 120-135 points
                    TakeProfit 190-200 points


                    GBP/NZD only is coming to horizontal level on H1 chart. Short!
                    Sell +- 1.7585
                    StopLoss 55-60 points
                    TakeProfit 75-80 points


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                      BTC/USD Bitcoin has split in two, so you can have double the cryptocurrency. In my opinion, it's a strong reason to buy btc, because right now much more cryptoinvestors will invest in btc.
                      Buy +- 2710
                      StopLoss no need
                      TakeProfit 2900-3200 (3200 I am waiting during 2-3 weeks)


                      EUR/USD right now going in bulls trend, so we can sell at resistance line.
                      Sell +- 1.1910
                      StopLoss 45-50 points
                      TakeProfit 90-105 points


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                        GBP/CHF on daily chart we can sell twice, but this orders must be open 2-4 weeks
                        Sell +- 1.2885 and 1.3050
                        StopLoss 1.3300
                        TakeProfit 1.2295



                        GBP/NZD we can sell too. H4 chart horizontal level show us ninth moment to sell at this resistance.
                        Sell +- 1.7900
                        StopLoss 120-125 points
                        TakeProfit 200-235 points


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                          Today we will meet NonFarm Payrolls results, and in my opinion, the best currency pair we can trade is USD/JPY. Forecast show that this months results will be less on 40K then previous data.

                          If actual results will be better than forecast, we can profit up to 400 points.
                          BuyStop = actual price 3 minutes before NFP + 25 points
                          SellStop = actual price 3 minutes before NFP + 25 points
                          StopLoss BS/SS= 50 points
                          *When first order will be activated, delete opposite order!


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                            After NonFarm Payrolls results (04.08.17) USD/CHF is coming to daily chart support level. Good chance to long order.
                            Buy +- 0.9530
                            StopLoss 115-125 points
                            TakeProfit 210-240 points

                            EUR/GBP now is hitting daily resistance level, we can sell it, why not?
                            Sell +- 0.9050
                            StopLoss 105-110 points
                            TakeProfit 120-130 points


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                              USD/JPY is coming to just hitted support line on daily chart, also there is horizontal line (on H4 better view).
                              Sell +- 110.10
                              StopLoss 110-120 points
                              TakeProfit 155-175 points


                              XAG/USD resistance and horizontal lines on daily chart, good moment to open sell position.
                              Sell +- 17.15
                              StopLoss 45-50 points
                              TakeProfit 70-80 points