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Need some help for zones (support and resistance)

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  • Need some help for zones (support and resistance)

    Hello, 2 months ago I read the book 'Naked Forex' and I made myself a strategy, but there are areas I'm not very sure and I'm looking for some help, not for the to do in my place but to guide me a little. In the book, he says to not do too many areas, only marks those that are important, last week I watch one of these videos and he does a lot of areas, so now I do not know what to do.In the book it is written to define areas on a higher timeframe, but I notice that there are many, I trade on timeframes of 4H and 1Day, so I made my zones on a timeframe of 1W and I retouch on 1D's timeframe, can you tell me which to the most sense. The first image is made on a timeframe of 1W and 1D, the second on a timeframe of 1D and 4H.
    I am someone who likes reviews, so do not hesitate! Thank you !!!
    1W on 1D 1D and 4H on 1D

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    This is actually one of the things I used to struggle with the most. Finding S and R everywhere.
    You need to just find and use the most important and relevant levels, in comparison with where price currently is.


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      I heard a lot of different information about this book, I myself started trading in Forex not so long ago, and I would like to ask whether it is worth reading this book, whether this book will help me in my endeavors, thanks in advance)


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        This is the first time I hear about it, is it good? Should I give it a try?