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  • Problems with college education

    Hello! I’ve been in college for two years. But lately, my pocket money is not enough. I want to go to work, but then I will not have time for college homework. What can you recommend?

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    Hey! I'm sorry you had a problem like that. Many of my friends have benefited from trading at university. I know that some of them still trading.
    Many experienced traders think that it is very wise to start trading at an early age, because young people are open to new, curious and not as conservative as middle-aged people. The young mind is more flexible, attentive to details and remembers information better. Therefore, the sooner a future trader starts learning the basics of trading - the better. And new trading geniuses are, as a rule, young people who discover new effective strategies and become market innovators.
    Trading, if you approach it properly, will open up a lot of prospects. It can become the main source of good income not only for the period of studentship, but also for further life. However, it requires a serious approach, training and certain sacrifices.
    As many have noticed, at first it is necessary to sacrifice holidays and entertainment time in order to properly understand the profession. However, you can't sacrifice your studies. No matter how successful trading is on the market, you shouldn't give up your education - a diploma will help you "cover your back" if something changes and the market stops bringing stable income.
    You can learn to trade consciously and master working strategies independently or on forums. Trading shouldn't be seen not as a temporary income, but as a lifestyle and a source of stable and high income. Good luck to you!


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      Thank you for sharing this story, I'm just looking for additional income. Tell me how can I become an expert in trading? Are there any quick courses? If there are free video lessons, it will be even better! I really need the extra income now, because I lost my job and decided to retrain as a network administrator, so I am currently taking courses and preparing for exams. By the way, if someone passes exams for getting a Cisco certificate, then I found a great place called SPOTO, where you can get quick help in preparing for the exams for getting a certificate. If you can tell me more about trading, please contact me in PM.
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        I also think that trading is a good idea. Becoming an expert in trading is not really very difficult task, because you'll be constantly practicing and consolidating your knowledge. But it takes a lot of time and effort. Now on many forums you can find free training in trading, and on the same forums you can find advice from professional traders. Also many brokers offer free trading education, together with client support, which will quickly answer all your questions.
        That is, even a beginner has a free opportunity to learn how to earn extra income. If you don't want to become a professional trader, but just receive additional income from time to time, it will be enough for you. Also on YouTube you can find many guides and tutorials on trading platforms, with different strategies and so on. The rest is desire. If you really want to do it, then you have the conditions.


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          If you are not experienced with forex, you can start learning and trading in a later stage. But, I see from your post that you need some extra money urgently, so you should check maybe part-time jobs or similar.


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            Well, there are lots of sites present on the internet where you can best help regarding homework. I want to go abroad for studies but I didn't know what things are important for it, Sop I am looking for help regarding it. Hopefully, I found website, where I can get complete information about applying for study abroad.