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The scamming companies that Philippe Ballesio owns.

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  • The scamming companies that Philippe Ballesio owns.

    BTC Mt4 is one of the fraudulent companies that has stolen too much money for a long time, they make a surprising publicity with which they manage to attract multiple users but in reality, after you make the payment the servers stop working and the technical service does not respond anymore to your requests. This company has two owners, one is Mr. Philippe Ballesio who is recognized in the market for being a professional scammer who not only operates through this company, but is the absolute owner of many others and with whom he steals money in the same way. Below is a list of some of the platforms that are in the name of this man and that he uses to steal from clients:

    1- Cryto MT4
    2- Mayfair Capital Markets
    3- Meta Investing
    4- Crypto Exchange Pro
    5- Goose Investments
    6- Trade Capital Investments LLCT / a Trade Capital
    7- FX Merchants
    8- InstaFX24
    9- Pingpipe
    10- InstaFX24

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    Do not trust Philippe Ballesio because even if it does not seem like it, he is a professional scamming people and they will only have potential losses if they try to hire some of their services. Stay as far away from this man as possible.


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