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Reason for Suspend Twitter Account?

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  • Reason for Suspend Twitter Account?

    Well, all of us are use-to to social accounts like FB, VK, Instagram, twitter etc.
    Anyone, who knows what will be the reason for suspending Twitter account?
    Or is it possible to activate that account or not??

    Waiting for immediate response!!!

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    Yeah, you need to take a look at the settings, there's an account recovery section.


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      Whatever you've done, whatever you've done to Twitter Rules, you can fix it with simple resuscitation measures. However, there are probably sins, for which they are banning for life, not only virtually, but also in reality.
      Well, here we go. First I'll write what you shouldn't do (there are a lot of links, I'll summarize them), if you don't want your Twitter account to be banned.
      1. You can't spam a lot. You can't retweet a lot. You can't constantly share links to your favorite site.
      2. You can't steal content on an industrial scale.
      3. Can't use auto-posting and stuff.
      In short, you can't do a lot of things. If everything were respected, so unlikely in this social network would be at least 1000 people. That's why they're banning if it's too bad. Or, if you're in the middle of a scuffle. And also, sometimes, they block you by mistake. Then, by the way, they apologize.
      Now, let's say you didn't listen to me, and you bravely put it all into practice. You open your twee, and you see the horror, you're caught! What do we do?! Run where? Who's complaining???
      1. We're not panicking.
      2. We don't tear with the sword. It's important, too.
      3. We go to the blue link "suspended accounts".
      4. Done! Don't do that again in the future.


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        Well, it's normal that any social network and any site usually has certain rules of use and some restrictions, I would definitely recommend that you familiarize yourself with them, although in fact no one ever does this, because everyone is sure that it is conventional convention and in fact you can do whatever you want. But in reality, social networks are monitored by a large number of people and systems, and here you really need to remember that everything has certain consequences. So just try not to make any sudden movements and unexpected decisions, and then everything will be fine. Well, you have already been told how to deal with the issue of account blocking. It's actually almost always fixable in just a couple of minutes.


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          Sometimes, or even to say more often, this happens without any objective reason and it annoys me a little.
          Why can't I do as many publications as I need? These are some silly restrictions. After all, now almost all companies, projects are promoted through social networks and there is no need to limit this, because in this case people will choose something else, where the conditions are simpler and more accessible.
          But by the way, you cannot always unblock your account right away, sometimes it takes some time or they warn you that the account will be available in a few hours or in a day - this is also not particularly convenient. So there are flaws in my opinion, and if they are corrected, everything will be much easier.