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    Yes, I think that this is a really profitable business, especially given the fact that now everything does not cost a banal restaurant, now everyone wants to see a real show - and it costs money. So yes, if you have an understanding of how to organize it, it's definitely worth a try...


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      Of course, it's like in any business - individual approach costs money, and really everyone wants to stand out and get some unusual result, it is quite logical and relevant in our time, but in any case it is better to focus on customers with specific requests.


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        A friend of mine has a wedding salon, and that's what she said about it:
        If you expect to initially spend a certain amount of money on this area of business, then I have to disappoint you - you'll need exactly twice as much. And the more investments, the more this amount will be doubled - unforeseen expenses haven't yet been canceled.
        And what a customers there! It is not necessary to explain that with the current competition for the salon, especially just opened, each client "for the weight of gold". And so get ready to bravely endure various whims and antics of brides. There are, of course, understanding and wise not by years of brides - they will not waste either their own or your time, not to mention trying on a dress for the sake of "Just to see how it suits!" And there are such persons that will come, try on almost the entire range, ask you for a discount, ask you to postpone your favorite dress, assure you that tomorrow right in the morning will come and buy it back, and ... disappear ... No comment ... Another problem - how to attract customers to the salon? Do you want to advertise? Yes, it's a very effective way to advertise your salon, but it's very expensive, so get ready to allocate a monthly amount of money for advertising your salon.