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    I used to dig so deep into it, made some profit but then it went down big in the late 2017 and luckily i left soon enough before lossing a big chunk of money. it has a big protential as it was the one to boom the infdustry or at least help people to know about the coin world. I just checked in wallet app from apknite and bitcoin is dropping large compare to the day i still into it


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      Lately I was reading in a news that in few free applications that could be downloaded from Store there was a “Trojan horse” bug that was using other computers for supporting crypto mining process on main computer. Maybe this could be treated as alternative crypto mining?


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        Originally posted by Ubahon
        Bitcoin has got to be the one of the biggest invention of the twenty-first century. There shouldn't be a doubt about it. I know that the prices have fallen in the past few weeks but i am sure that they will rise in the upcoming time. What do you think guys? Are you in favour of Bitcoin?
        Blockchain is the biggest invention i would say. The crypto currencies that sit on top of it isnt. Like all past incarnations of value represented as money through one form or another. There will always be competing factors on which currency to use. Just look at US history and the different merchants using their own notes as value exhange.

        The ones that survive are those that people are willing to use. Currently thats debt backed fiat notes.

        Cryptos have so much against them.
        1) Difficult to understand to the average person.
        2) theft and loss is easy.
        3) The powers that be such as goverments and federal reserves have no control over the decentralised nature of it. That is a threat to the establishment.

        So do you want to gamble with you cash? I have nothing against it and it is a better form of money exchange but too risky. So let early adopters handle the risk is my approach.

        If you want to trade it. There is opportunity there but always park your money as fiat for long term. There is even market making opportinities since there are no bank traders dealing with this stuff yet if you know how.

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          I think people are focusing too muck on BTC, and not on Blockchain, as they should.
          Bitcoin is a fine medium for storing value, but the marked is not ready to mass adopt at this time.

          Give it 2-3 years, and I think the situation is changed a lot. With the development of IOT, cryptocurrencies are going to get a massive boost.

          We are already seeing decisionmakers trying to grasp the potential savings in Nostro-vostro accounts...…

          By the way, I have access to fresh mined coins, if anyone need
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            Hi There!

            This is my first post in Tradesignals/tips related stuff ive done, so please bare with me

            After the spike this week, i am expecting too see an increase in most Crypto price. But which on should you pick?
            I am not giving you an entry or exit. I will encourage you to check it out your self.
            The price should start to increase as soon as the normal brokers are closing for the night...

            But... I Would pay a special attention to some of the Coins in my picture. The one im pointing at might not be the sharpest....
            I am talking about those with a sharper peak on after the first down trend...
            In my opinion, the sharper that edge is, the higher increase you could expect.

            Hope it helps a little. If not i might make another one the 15 of July

            I you like it, or want to chat with me, please PM me.

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              I do not see how people wasn't buying them in the times when it costs so much low that you can't even imagine, as for me I probably lost it all really. I do not see how I can buy it for like $100 again and it probably will never be. Thanks in advance.


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                The thing about crypto currencies as good as the tech underlying blockchain tech is, regulation will kill it. Just as its killing it now. The powers that be, that beieng institutions and goverments will not for a second allow any for of currency that is not with in their control. Im not saying I agree with this just saying thats what will happen. As an investor why would you want to risk your cash on so many unknowns.

                If you want to speculate on cryptos you might as well use CFDs. Less risky.

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                  its becoming more and more popular


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                    I do not think that this will be possible in the near future, otherwise investors would be much more interested in this. A much more likely short-term investment option would be starburst game on
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                      Originally posted by mlawson71
                      CFD trading was a good alternate option, but then the EU at least slashed the leverage for crypto CFDs to 1:2 so it's not as easy as it used to be.
                      But trading crypto currencies is not leveraged so its even a worse vehicle of speculation. CFDs you can trade it without the worry of whether or not you can swap it for fiat when you want to cash in. In some countries you can't even do that as they won't let you. So why take the risk.

                      The real opportunity in crypto currencies is being a market maker. Unlike fiat currencies you have an even playing field with the big boys. Only downside is, you need the right tech and knowledge on how to do it. Most retail have no idea where to start.


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                        Thanks for sharing these essential details which I didn’t know.