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Is Green Agriculture Far Away?

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  • Is Green Agriculture Far Away?

    Nowadays, we are more likely to choose foods made from organic grain and clothes made from organic materials are believed that organic products are healthier than traditional. In fact, few people have a full understanding of organic farming. Some may wonder how this will affect agriculture, "green" our lives.
    Simply, organic farming, organic farming, organic farming called, refers to technology that restricts the use of chemicals on crops and keep mineral elements in the soil in good condition without chemical contamination.
    It may be beneficial to our lives in many ways. First, it protects the quality of the soil for long-term use. Restrictions on chemicals such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers can reduce soil contamination caused by human activities such crops grown on it can harm our health. Furthermore, crop rotation methods applied in organic farming keeps the soil fertile. Some studies indicate that the surface layer of the soil can help crops its rich in nutrients that are beneficial to health, particularly for food. He says that these types of foods tend to taste better than those fertilized chemicals. In addition, the fertile soil can also reduce the risk of destruction of certain natural disasters such as droughts or floods, etc. Obviously getting stronger to withstand external attacks than chemically fertilized soil, rarely healthy man hit with colds.
    However, there are some deficiencies in organic farming. The rates of feed and organic materials are slightly higher. Many people would not hesitate to make a choice between organic and conventional, although organics are healthier. Another problem lies in the demands of work. Organic farming usually requires more work than traditional farming labor which leads to higher production costs.

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    Well it seems to me that not all people eat healthy today for several reasons.
    First, it is worth noting that eating habits can be quite persistent and for someone who has been eating something fried, with lots of spices or sauces all his life, it is quite difficult to switch to vegetable salads and give up everything harmful at once.
    Secondly, it is worth recognizing that good nutrition usually has a high cost, because growing organic food requires quite specific conditions, respectively not all people can afford it, especially if a person lives with a large family, etc.
    Thirdly, people simply do not have enough knowledge to organize it all correctly. I would like it to become some kind of world program.


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      This is a very important topic that has been talked about for a long time, and it really matters to everyone. As we can see any format, even the healthiest and most correct one, does have some disadvantages and here it is probably worth choosing what has the least negative impact. But in general, if you think about how many things that are harmful are used to create modern products. That certainly I would opt for organic, because in general you can come up with some methods of treatment and cultivation to increase the amount of products and that it would be possible to provide people around the world. I really hope that this really becomes something more common and normal in the coming years.


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        In fact, people began to choose this more and more often precisely because the modern rhythm of life leads to the fact that we consume too much fast food, junk food, sodas, canned goods, some sweets that contain many flavorings and colorings, and even meat contains antibiotics that are used to make poultry and animals gain weight faster. And all this leads to certain health problems and deterioration of health. And of course people started to pay attention to this and wanted to change things to have a healthier lifestyle and eat a more balanced and proper diet. It's the right thing to do, but not all people stick to it to the fullest extent, I wonder why.


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          In fact, the biggest nasty thing we can eat with regular food is pesticides. After all, it's clear that products for the mass market are difficult to grow without chemicals. Well, or very expensive.
          After digging through a lot of information, I found out that pesticides can accumulate in the human body, quietly undermining the protective functions and provoking the development of chronic diseases and even - cancer.
          Children are particularly affected by pesticides contained in food - due to immature system of eliminating residual poisons from the body and low body weight. Scientific studies have proven that pesticides can damage children's nervous systems.
          A study by the University of Washington's Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources showed that organic vegetables actually have, on average, 40 percent more antioxidants than conventional vegetables. And the breast milk of mothers on an organic diet contains more fatty acids.


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