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How to turn your losses into profit!

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  • How to turn your losses into profit!

    Every trader…Even the Greatest…experiences loss in his carrier and it’s important to learn from your losses and turn your losses into profits! If you haven’t lost, you haven’t learned. The hardest part of trading is learning to deal and cope with the losses, learning from them, and turning those lessons into the foundation that can help you achieve major wins.

    Key points for a successful trader:

    1 Learn to accept failure
    2 Manage your risk
    3 Track every play
    4 Find your edge
    5 Be patient
    6 Never stop learning

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    Thank you for posting.


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      I agree. I play free video casino games from time to time, and as a player I can say that risks are included. You can pay attention to a lot of things, but sometimes it's just not your day. So, you need to be mentaly prepared for such moments.
      When I was choosing a place to play for the first time, I found a casino that offered 400% bonus up to €1500 and I became interested in it. In my opinion, it is also important to provide new players with demo versions of the games in order they can try, like the game and want to sing up.


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        A very motivating plan for my future, I will not say that he did not hook me, but there is something in your words. I would say that these are general concepts to turn into profit, and these items can still be found in these terms)


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          One should learn something new every day. That applies both to trading and life in general, in my opinion.