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    The new update is ready - 1.31. Here is the list of new features and connections:
    • New trading connection to Interactive Brokers is ready
    • Added Value Area to custom and step Volume Profile with the ability to extend POC level to the price scale
    • Updated management panel for Custom Volume Profile
    • Ability to export price and volume data to an external CSV file download the latest version

    1. Trading through Interactive brokers

    Meet the long-awaited trading integration to the most reliable and worldwide popular brokers — Interactive Brokers (IB). It is one of the largest FCM, which gives access to a large number of exchanges with the possibility to trade not only OTC assets but also stocks, options, futures, ETF, bonds etc. via Quantower trading platform.

    All that is needed to trade through our platform is to install an IB Gateway or TWS application (Trader Workstation), enter your credentials and connect.

    Here is the detailed guide that shows how to connect Quantower platform to Interactive Brokers.


    2. Added Value Area to volume Profile

    In this version, we have added the Value Area for all volume profiles, which shows the price area with 70% of trading activity for the specified time range. The value of 70% is set by default, but the user can change it at his discretion.

    In the settings, you can set any percentage of the Value Area height, select its color, and also show the outer borders of this area.


    3. Updated Custom Volume Profile

    We also improved and changed the management of custom volume profile on the chart. Now you do not need to go into the profile settings to change the most necessary parameters. Everything you need for quick control is on the chart:
    • Data Types. Choose any of the 20+ data types to build a volume profile
    • Value Area (VA). Shows/hides the Value Area on the volume profile
    • POC Ray. Extends the level of maximum volume to the price scale​​​​​​​
    • A number of ticks. It's a custom step parameter that sums up the volume data for the specified number of levels. By default, the value of the custom step is set to 1 tick, which means the volume data are shown at each price level.
    Here is GIF file that you can see our changes in action


    4. Export price and volume data to an external CSV file

    Another interesting feature we give in this release for users who want to work and analyze data series. The data export function allows you to download prices, volumes, trades, delta, as well as indicators' values to an external CSV file directly from the chart. After a successful export, you can open the file in Excel, Python or any other program for working with data series (arrays).

    Here is GIF file that you can see our changes in action


    ​​​​​​​As always, we couldn’t do this without you! Thanks for your feedback, and your support. If there’s something you want to see in our future updates please let us know in the comments! download the latest version
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        On this forum we didn't post updates (will fix it).
        Our current version is 1.37 and this week we will release version 1.38 with more interesting features.

        The main news is that we've made cTrader API 2.0 connection. Less restrictions from ctrader's side!


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          On the previous week, we've released a new version — 1.38
          Here is what we added new:

          - Kimura Trading & Trader’s Way — more forex brokers based on cTrader technology.
          - Power Trades got predefined templates. For ease of use of Power Trades scanner, we have prepared predefined templates for 36 instruments on Binance.
          - Updated Quantower Algo extension for Visual Studio 2019. Quantower Algo extension is now compatible with Visual Studio 2019.
          - Level 2 Indicator. The indicator shows directly on the chart DOM levels with volumes at each price level.
          - Indicator of Separated ATRs. This indicator shows the difference between the two ATR indicators.
          - Symbol Description on the chart. In the background of the chart is written the name of the trading symbol.
          - Visual improvements on the chart. Changed fonts and styles.

 get the latest version for free

          1. Kimura Trading & Trader's way

          We continue to expand the list of forex brokers in our platform, which became available thanks to cTrader technology. If you already have a trading account and a cTrader account, you can easily trade with Kimura Trading or with Trader's Way brokers via our platform. To do this, please login with your cTrader ID and confirm your connection to our platform.


          P.S. Please note that trading is available from any cTrader broker through our platform. To do this, select cTrader Gateway from the list of connections and log in to Spotware.

          2. Power Traders Scanner got predefined templates

          In order for Power Trades to work properly, it is important to set the parameters that will best suit the specific symbol. Therefore, to make it easy to use the scanner, we have prepared predefined setup templates for 36 instruments traded on the Binance exchange. These settings are the starting point for the use of Power Trades, and every user can set more precise parameters on their own.
          So, the screenshot below shows the list of symbols for which we have prepared templates.


          3. Quantower Algo is now compatible with Visual Studio 2019

          With Quantower Algo solution you can create different trading scripts such as indicators and strategies. What is differ Quantower, from other trading platforms - you don't need to study some proprietary language or development environment. You will use the only standard, well-known instruments, that used by developers all over the world.

          Starting with the current release, our extension now works in the new and improved Visual Studio 2019 which works faster. Try it now.


          4. Level 2 indicator

          The indicator shows DOM levels with volumes at each price level directly on the chart. This allows you to monitor changes in the DOM without having to open the panel itself.
          In the settings of the indicator, you can specify the required number of levels, colors, as well as the width of the occupied area on the chart.

          5. Indicator of Separated ATRs

          This is a volatility indicator that shows the difference between the two ATR indicators:
          • the first ATR takes into account only the growing bars
          • the second ATR only counts falling bars.

          6. Symbol Description on the chart

          On the background of the chart, we have added the name of the trading instrument, which you can optionally enable/disable in the general settings of the panel.