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Any app for research in closed trades?

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  • Any app for research in closed trades?

    Hi all!
    I am looking for any application which would be able to store data about closed trades with some information about it, screenshot of chart etc. and allow me to do some research in my trading.

    Concretely and in ideal case, I want to add trades with attributes (RRR, target profit, stop loss, entry signal, screen of chart..) and then be able to sort trades by these attributes, create some statistics.
    I want this to help me improve my strategy, avoid losing signals, find most profitable kind of trades, find frequent mistakes and so on.

    For example MetaTrader4 can print out the detailed summary of all trades but it is unusable at all as it doesn't contain much information and don't allow me to sort trades.

    Has anyone any tip for such application?