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Your experiance whit Forex Trading?

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  • Your experiance whit Forex Trading?

    I wanted to start with Forex Trading but I dont know f how to start trading, since I am an absolute beginner, could someone give me some tips?
    Would be very grateful.

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    Originally posted by fritzz View Post
    I wanted to start with Forex Trading but I dont know f how to start trading, since I am an absolute beginner, could someone give me some tips?
    Would be very grateful.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of forex.
    Proceed with caution, but dream big!
    I have answered this question a few times in my 15 year career, here in this forum, on other forums, and of course in person with other new traders at seminars and such.
    Some clients / trade copiers of mine have eventually wanted to learn forex and make their own trades.
    1. Baby Pips is the place most beginning forex traders go to learn
    2. Get a Demo Account at a good brokerage and start practicing: AxiTrader, Pepperstone, Tick Mill, Mt Cook, ICMarkets, HotForex
    3. Develop a Trading Strategy/Plan/System -- make it personal
    4. Develop a Risk Management Plan
    5. After 3 months of profitable trades, then begin trading an amount of Live funds equal to one month's wages (if you make USD$50,000 per year, then put $4,000 into a live trading account)
    6. Check out the "How Can I Learn Forex" thread at Donna Forex
    “Learn from your mistakes and do not give up!”

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      Do you really want to invest time and money in trading? First of all, you do not do that "just" for fun but trading is a real business.
      If you want to do this seriously, the best advice is to learn trading from someone who already knows it. Trading is pretty hard and demanding. If you want to make "easy money" without previous knowledge, the failure is as good as preprogrammed.
      Extensive knowledge about forex and trading can be found here: that is probably the best Site on the internet about Forex in one place. Also take a look at forums where Strategies are presented or discussed.
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        Without taking the risk, rewards are less! Forex trading is highly volatile and clubbed with various direct and indirect risk like- geopolitical tension, government & politics of nation, environmental changes etc. These changes are taken into consideration because Forex trading is known as exchanging currencies of various countries with each other. It is beneficial for us to be a Forex trader.
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          Personally I like to operate with exotic pairs is a dynamic but very complex market to use, my model to follow to use it correctly is Adriano Caruso, is recognized in trading for being a great trader who has handled and studied different markets. He has a lot of experience that has made him one of the most successful among the youngest promises and is currently engaged in designing automatic services for exotic pairs.


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            Start your trading career with basic knowledge. For fundamental understanding you can use online tutorial, or top online communities. Best Point is no need to start directly with real account. Just use DEMO account offered by any regulated broker. Learn more and more about Forex market.
            Good Luck!
            Dextor Mason
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