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    Hi, I am a new trader I usually trade in intraday please let me know if there are any strategy or tips I can follow.

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    Don't use others trader strategy! Try to make a good strategy. Don't go for live trading without success on demo trading.


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      Hello Biglivetrade and Salord Learn
      I would like to share my strategies and tips which I learned with my experience in stock market and intraday trading.
      • Trading is not gambling. It is years of hardwork, learning, and discipline. If you are looking for a place to make money easily, look elsewhere.
      • Trading is purely a game of psychology and discipline. Numbers data etc are secondary.
      • Never trade with a profit target in mind. Trade because a trade is the right thing to do at that point of time. Read More
      • Capital preservation is the only job you have as a trader. You need to preserve your capital for great trades with high probability of high profit. If you lose money on poor trades, you will not have any money to take the great ones.
      • There is a life outside of trading. It is easy to lose sight of that and get addicted to gambling.
      I hope you will find these tips helpful. Thank you!
      If you want to learn more, contact me at 9988137985 or email your inquiry to


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        Get to know about what are the strategies of all Expert Forex Traders. What are basic tips for become successful trader. Yes it's true don't follow the strategy of other but learn what are golden rules to make a strong Forex Trading Approach. Once you are able to develop best trading proposal then keep it updated.
        Dextor Mason
        Forex Trading & Digital Marketing