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MT5 to Bitmex Bybit Binance and more

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  • MT5 to Bitmex Bybit Binance and more


    I would like to build a bridge from mt5 to crypto exchanges for trading via api. I have written the bridge to binance for manual trading and now testing robot trading.

    I would to hear your view on the best way to handle positions ( positions don't exist in an exchange) since you are holding coin A or B.

    Trading on bitmex and bybit is similar to Forex since positions exist but lotsizes are often in usd contracts instead of mt5 lotsizing.

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    Here is the simple UI layed over the chart window and indicator window together to display the button panel and the market statistics
    Limit Orders.png


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      MetaTrader5 to bitmex via CryptoBridge preview is here. Testing trade api calls now( login to see the image)
      Bitmex Price OrderBooks Balance.png


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        Currently supports all markets with limit orders and market orders. (OCO, stop orders, and stop limit are still in development).
        You can fetch the price, orderbooks, wallets, open orders with my UI. If there are any other features you need let me know.

        I'll be working on the BinanceFutures shortly.


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            This #liquidityIndicator connects to #bybit and #bitmex via rest api. The data is displayed in a histogram with best bids(blue) and asks(red). Two indicators are required, one for each exchange. Download from github


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              I've added the ability to copy trades from the mt5 platform and send them to the exchanges. This means you can now run any EA/Algo/Bot within MT5 and send these trades to binance, bybit , bitmex, etc.



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                I'm working on Binance Futures now.

                Binance - Done
                Bitmex - Done
                Bybit - Done
                Kucoin - Some functions available

       @TradingToolCrypto (support) @Hedgebitcoin (dev) Professional Crypto Trading Tools designed specifically for MetaTrader. #MetaTrader #MT5


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                  Here is a video including live trading on Bybit when I was competing in the BTC Brawl competition. I didn't win, but I did manage to earn over 30% within the 15 day competition. My strategy was purely market making (manually at the time).

                  Thanks for watching

                  Connects MetaTrader (MT5) to most crypto exchanges. I wanted a solution to trade directly on the exchanges since most Forex Brokers change a huge premium to ...


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                    What is it? MT5 platform with custom trading UI.

                    How does it work? The software connects to the crypto exchanges via rest api.

                    What connection type? You enter your api keys within the software, and you can trade from mt5 to any of the listed exchanges.

                    Is automated trading available? You can also run bots within mt5 and send the orders to the exchange.

                    If you need specific tasks, I can code more functionality within the UI. For example the b.Ask and b.Bid buttons will place Limit orders on TOP of the book to earn rrebates for manual market making. ( this was my strategy for the BTC BRAWL competition at bybit.)


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                      I have recoded all the libraries, made a Class to access all the cryptobridge functions, and I am sharing a pingpong bot. The new Class (code structure) was designed for very quick and efficient coding. I created a ping pong market maker bot (coded it within a few minutes). Check out the source code in attachment. Wiki on github will be finished shortly.


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                        • UI
                        • scale out of positions with 4 different takeprofit and stoploss values.
                        • Setup exchange button replaces Enable Exchange button (hides exchange inputs).
                        • Manual grid trading buttons for layered STOP orders: Offset from bid, Order Spacing, Order Levels, and Lot Exponent
                        • Libraries
                        • Quote Precision added to OpenOrders function
                        • stop_market works (bybit) | openTrade | cancelTrade
                        • LIQ to double instead of string variable
                        • GetBalance() function renamed to Get_Balance()
                        • BUGS
                        • Quote Precision added to Grid trading function - fixed - 5-8-2020

                        • Libraries
                        • Bybit TestNet Supported (Demo Accounts)


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                          Grid trading on Crypto with powerfully Ui


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                            Rebrand includes new Github account

                            • Trade Copier syncs your MT5 Account with the crypto exchanges - Learn More
                            This is a trade copier that syncs your MT5 positions with your Crypto Exchange Account. This is the ideal solution if you are running expert advisors/robots on MT5 platform. In most cases, traders run robots on a demo brokerage account and send these positions to the exchange. You can use any MT5 brokerage account. MT5 Brokerage accounts with Netting and Hedging account types are supported and recognized automatically.

                            By using this robot, you can do the following
                            • Trade from the MT5 mobile app while syncing your positions with your exchange account
                            • Run any robot within MT5 while keeping the positions in sync with your exchange account
                            • Trade manually within mt5 while using all order types(market, limit, stop orders), trailing stops, and takeprofits.


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                              20 Crypto exchanges have been added to the Crypto Charts robot. For trading, Bitmex, Bybit, Binance, and Binance Futures supported.