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    I like that modern traders are now more free to share their observations and new information so that other traders can try something interesting and at the same time profitable. And I just want to advise all my colleagues to check any new data, because it can be some kind of risky or dangerous approach, which is designed for large capital or some special conditions, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to deal with it in advance to avoid trouble and immediately properly prepare for the work that you are going to do. And sometimes you just need to take time to test one or another approach to make the final choice...


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      The type of indicator used depends on which strategy you intend to build when trading in Forex. This applies to your trading style and risk assessment. A trader who is looking for long-term movements with high profits could focus on a trend following strategy and therefore use a trend indicator such as Moving Average. If the trader is interested in small movements with frequent small profits, then strategies based on variability may be more appropriate for him. In this case, different types of forex indicators can be used to confirm. The indicators themselves do not provide trading signals. Each trader must determine the exact method that the indicators will be used to get a trading opportunity signal and develop a clear strategy. Of course, indicators can be used without being included in the strategy. However, technical trading strategies usually include at least one type of indicator.
      Identifying an objective set of rules, as with a clear strategy, allows traders to test the viability of a particular system. It also helps traders determine the mathematical expectation of their method, or how the strategy should work in the future. This is critical for technical traders as it allows them to continually evaluate the performance of a strategy and can help determine when to close a trade position.


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        Currently, which indicator is mainly used by traders and is most profitable?


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          moving averages and fibonacci are highlt profitable in my view


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            Indicators are very important in everybody's trading process and each indicator requires a certain trading strategy. Nowaday there are so many different indicators but not all of them are trustworthy. Some of the indicators do not contribute much to to the overall trading success. Some of them are even harmful for decision making process as they can confuse the traders or lull them into the false sense of security. Each indicator should be double-checked and backtested in order to make sure that it really works and gives you really important information concerning the market and its further moves. More than that, you should also pay attention to the fact whether this or that indicator is suitable for your trading style and for your vision of the market. For example, some of the indicators are very lucrative while they are used in short-time trading, however, they are absolutely useful for the long term trading.
            The most important thing is to realise that the indicators are only a part of trading strategy. A successful trading strategy cannot base on the indicators solely.