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Windows 10 & MT4

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  • Windows 10 & MT4

    I'm opening this topic to see what forum members have to say about windows 10 running MT4. I remember Viper posting that he had to revert to win 7 to get MT4 to run properly but this was some time ago & maybe things have changed with various Mt4 & Microsoft updates. I need to update my home PC which will come with win 10, which is the reason I'm seeking out some info. Any comments appreciated.

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    One of my rigs runs win 10. It's performs just the same as my win 7 rigs

    No issues found with mt4

    I'm not a fan of 10 but it works

    Maybe others can also share experiences

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      ok, thanks Dupapa, I even contemplated reverting a new PC with win 10 as standard to win7 if possible if there was an issue as I prefer win 7 myself.


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        I have win10 since it got out, no problems with mt4. Also my PC is old since 2008, but I did upgrade graphics, ram etc. Last upgrade was in 2014, but all works fine also if I compare to game industry I can play most of the games that are out now...


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          Sounds like no real issue with win 10 so far, thanks for response Opportunis. I use laptop for mobility so upgrading the PC not really an option for me, my keyboard & hard drive doing strange things so looking to replace. Ultimately I figure its pointless fighting Microsoft trying to prolong old OS even though I already did this several times, it turned out to wasted money in the end.


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            I have been using Windows 10 since one of the first public betas. I have never had any issues with MT4


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              Thanks for your reply Pontus, all good so far it seems.


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                Me too, using Windows 10 and absolutely no problem with MT4