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    Originally posted by OutsideTheBoxHK View Post

    Yea. It was me.
    But you also need a refined "professional" banker look.
    That was not me. So basically I'm a good trader, but don't fit the stereotype.
    As usual in this life, most corporations don't want to work with those types of people who have a strong will.
    They want those who will obey and do as they're told.
    That's the exact reason I got out of the corporate world and formed my own self employment opportunities: make my own schedule, make income derived from my own actions, and to have freedom to work where I want to work and embody certain values without selling my soul on the altar of corporatism, materialism, or secularism.
    similar story as mine, I was working with a binary broker and I have seen how they have been cheating people, also I never managed to stick to one job like others for various reason, thanks to GOD that there is some thing like trading which can be done by home, I am trading since last 10 years now.
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