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  • My Journey to find and live results

    Im reserving this space - just cause my job was so heavy at the moment im not finding anytime to come to the forums,

    BUT, im very thankful that Nick listened and thought the idea was good enough to impliment it, so for that i wanted to post a thank you,

    I WILL update this soon, im happy to share my experience, ill admit it likely/definatly wont be as detailed as 12padams but ill give it a go,


    Update: as i am so busy at the moment (i actually find writing intensive and quite long to put my words to paper) to get this going and to keep it light in terms of time commitment, i will update it in small blocks.

    starting from my history.

    ill keep this brief cause actually this post is about my journey here not my whole life.

    [B]Right, why am i here? simply that i have had many operations on my legs since being born due to having complications below the knee, long story short they where corrected via 15 ops costing me on average 3-6 months recovery each, some from toes to above waist casts, not fun considering thats around 7 years in recovery. BUT i am patched up AND well and VERY THANKFULL for the National Health service of the UK, and also more so than all to the blood donars as my blood type is A- which is quiet rare. i give back as much as i can but only as ive got toward 30, i guess thats growing up respecting where and what made/journey you took and how/who helped you get there.

    bottom line, my body is far from perfect, i joke with my employer im like a rag dole falling apart. im happy and live life to the full, but i really would be a fool to think they will go into old age, they degrading now. now it is exactly this pending fate which drove me to look at ways to retire earlier and live a better life when im older.

    im sorry but take this as you will, i WILL NOT when i get old and they do fail me, an i repeat i will not! suffer long into my older life carrying and suffering pain workng on knacked legs, there must be a way i thought,

    Truthfully it was luck i came forex, a friend got onto the EA known as "Toms EA" (looking back how naive it was to nearly shell 2k on a perm licence on a EA that was no more than a Marti, i very nearly did but in stead chose to rent) which as it turns out he wiped my account within 3 months.

    the loss of money and the lack of intervention from me to save the account lied squarly on the fact i hadnt a clue what i was doing, i blindly followed a friend and got burnt.

    with revenge in the foreground i swore to regain my losses - guess what yes i lost another two times back to back before thinking actually this isnt working. id lost three times my original investment. ouch

    dented but now determined it went as follows:

    i for two years following crawled forums, youtube, blogs, tried getting books, tried some courses, started listening to others and taking their trade ideas(good in theory but useless long run espically when it go against you an said pro tip trader is a, nothing to do with your money and b) normally offline by then as he cashed his as he knows what he is doing) hell ive been on many a signal site, even did the mql5 signal thing,

    all in all they all will not make you a success. only YOU will.

    Beleive it or not, other than "litrally" 5 minutes when i first tried setting up my first EA, i have NEVER used t a demo account. YES for four years ive again an again took kicks to the finantual balls learning about this industry, ive gone from beleiving i can pick out the home run trades with big lot size to boot, loosing again an again, to taking small frequent grabs at the market, sounds small but it is not. if we could all place a home run trade and ride it till pluto before selling and it really was that easy then everyone would be doing it.

    it not, we all know that better than anyone, infact i think it goes to say the 4th year of my experience i progressed more likely in total than the previous three years put tothether, 1) was getting pretty nifty in protecting accounts when they 10% from Margin Call, infact in year 4 that was my only and "best" skill, i called it emergeny intervention. wow that taught me alot. about 5 times in year 4 i had to pull all night sit up at screen to protect my account, even once the 2nd from last time where i was working in uganda, had done a 11 hr day, logged into the terminal in the evening to find the crazy russian firing what looking at my margin was possibly the last bullet my account would stand, well.. i stayed up until 08:45 the next morning from 7pm the night before and managed to close out at 20% loss overall, what made me happy is the russian did blow up the next day, the first time he blew big this was.

    the feeling i got that the little bit of experience i had i used and it worked/saved the bulk of my capital, altho it was a loss it was amazing, it prooved to me right there that all things against us, there is still room for some winners, an i "will" be a winner, trust me on that, people laughed when i said about this, espically people i know who have friends who say trade for the banks. they catagorically cannot beleive a site and service like can be profitable, acutally they start instantly pointing the focus on how banks talk internally and purposly go after us small fry!

    well to people like that. Thank you, you made me more determined to beat the odds! yes it is all against us in every way, hell ive even had a broker id think was legit (alpari uk) totally play with price feed, and conveninatly freeze my terminal and even thought 5 minutes earlier accepted my SL, frooze for 27 minutes, once it unfroze my account had Margin called. this event opened my eyes, even the BROKERS are against us!. alpari immedatly went on defensive when i called about the outage, blaiming my internet, now we all know these things happened, but instead of taking it at face value i noticed the broker was quite blunt and inconsiderate and to be honest never once explained the outage.

    now more fool me, but like lots of things, i never chase things up fully, i generally with complaints take the path of least resistance, prime example, even if i buy the wrong item like clothes i go buy another yet keep both.. dont ask.... in this case i voted with the wallet and left alpari, but this was only after finding this site!

    Yes the crazy russian brought me here, when i "get into" something i almost am adicted to it, then move onto the next, well being so involved and even though their forum and chat room was in russian i found a way to communicate with auto translate via chrome. now i got abused often as why you english here, still i stuck beleiving that i could learn

    well one thing i am SO HAPPY i saw, while i was in addis adbaba late one moring infact 2 hrs before a flight yet again, a member posted a link to here. this of course was due to the fact the russian came onto Nick's radar, now view the russian as a terible signal in the end, but what i liked and what kept me here initally is the clear honesty from nick.

    few weeks earlier i had both my brokers phone me wanting me to re-activate my account, actually promoting a super trader killing the market currently, this was the russian, at the time i didnt know an after getting robbed by alpari i was on a 5 month break when thet called, needles to say they got told to go away.

    few weeks on, the phone call still in mind, (an a little devil wispering 5 trillion a day....)
    i got renewed interest an opened up my usual haunts, (forex factory, babypips, myfxbook, an so on) i had closed as after alpari robbed me, i was so annoyed an angry that i turned my back on forex for a while, i was so angry at myself for putting my account in a situ that it could be manipulated.

    i beleive these days, brokers do try an rob us, even things like ICMARKETS ECN, we can get market depth and receipts for trades, but they hide their LP, this means only one thing, that LP is interconnected or it would be of no consideration to leave that bit on the receipt.

    does this make ICMarkets a bad broker? no. i beleive no broker is good, and ICMarkerts is better than "most" look at it this way, if ICMarkets use a hybrid model, it still can be a good enviroment for us, if the LP is affiliated, then our order likely goes to market for real as a toxic stream, yes we might get a slighly higher quote as we deemed toxic but even in this scenatrio its a far cry from non style ECN

    Just 4 years ago can you beleive that brokers wehere either DD or NON DD an without straight through processing for the small fry retail. wow things have changed, some like ECN make this site profitable, traders like Viper back on a dealing desk i think would of never worked!

    Well ive explained my history, ive got this site to thank for showing me that is might be possible, if you are devoted, an until then i use the traders, that are first class, i know we all say thanks, but seriously, ive never ever found, a trader, a ea, or a signal that has been profitable for 6 months plus! never!

    and whats funny i see daily scamms, scams i would not of noticed until now, the same scams i fell for even as last as last year, i mean look as SFS signals on connect forex, they since october ive counted had blown 5+ accounts, and all they do is freeze mybook in DD, delete the system, start fresh and keep selling.

    now i know some might think how do you know they really blow, ive been connected through two of those five blows, and after each time it blows a new on rises. what i want to know is how do they sleep at night, they when approached say tuff poo, its risky an thats it. its things like this that really teach you!

    in summary i have not looked back since finding here. Viper, Smart, now DayFox, Nick & Will & team, have changed my perception of what is acheivable, right at the point id been robbed enough to wonder where does it end. honestly what you have created here is amazing, its one of a kind,

    ive also learnt a hell of a lot watching the traders trade, this in it self is worth years of self teaching. i think im finally moving past being reckless without a plan.

    the traders here insipre me, they show me in theory trading is simple, price comes back usually at least twice before never returning to your entry, not always sometime you are just on wrong side of the move, well with this in mind. why do we loose money if price comes back??

    now the penny only just dropped for me recently, in the last month ive finally and in my body am fully now of the opinion that actually im ready to look at me now. i finally realise that to trade and get better i must believe in myslef, follow my rules, and most of all keep calm. the hardest bit is emotions,

    prime example last month i bought the usdcad heavily, all month, 708% profit on my gamble account as a result, brilliant, until late firday rdtchin (the person is irrelivent) but a user quite strongly with a link was preaching that the usdcad is going to 1.06. for some reason this spooked me enough as i had heavy bets in at the time to take a 120% hedge, so yes a small trade on top facing the other way, well within 2 mins it was down 5% DD of the account, i broke mt first rule

    1) never trade on others ideas with having reason or confermation yourslef
    2) 2nd broken, holding it past DD tolorence,
    3)rule i broke was i entered the inital trade with a trade size 4 times my normal first.
    4)do not doubt yourself

    end result i had a margin call monday, lesson learnt, you STILL DONT KNOW/CAN CONTROL your emotions at times, reason for failure, to heavy leveraged cause me to wobble on my predicimant.

    ah another example. only in the last two months am i spotting LOTS, of oppertunties to buy, sell higher, buy at old entry, sell at old entry, but again. rinse and repeat.
    this one is hard to crack, prime example i could of made at leat 4 identical trades in last few days back to back, instead ive held my winner waiting for the home run, i MUST stop doing this

    My belief rightly or wrongly is. long term, ultimatly only, I, Me, Myself can control my future honestly im still learning everyday, im very thankfull of this community and its members, there are about ten of you who i really look upto or read advise carefully, we might not be the loudest and most outspoken community compared to other haunt but by god are we the most mature and helpfull when needed.

    Forex signals has enabled me to grow my investment so i can try self fund my own trading without having to take silly risk due to low capital, hopefully it will give me the mindset and attitude to go far even if this ceases to exist.

    one suggestion Nick/Will/Team - any chance of getting a vent/icq/some form of realtime audio conversation into the site, the forum and trade room as such a valuable resource, but ive seen alot of people asking for mentoring, well without actaully having a set course having someone on mic in the room who is knowledgeable would help alot of people.

    failing that id like to connect and reach out to the community here and suggest we share contacts,

    skype, icq, whatever you like but somewhere to realtime discuss the going on's

    below i attach screen shots of my account history unlocked.
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    P.S "Will" do you remember sorting out my VPS for me at 4am whilst i was in ethoipa, with 30 mins or so before i had to leave, you worked super fast, and from memory back then support was different, i seem to remember you had actually woken up to support me (mabye this is when you an nick headed of the problems) i flew 5 countries in 13 days, all whilst getting this lot hooked up. Actually looking back i think thats another reason i decided to stay, not once was i flashed with shiny promotios and 100000% gain graphs, my biggest interaction was getting something done in less than 30 minutes "being a totally new client" even when i clicked the button it said upto 24 hours, yeah my first week here, good impressions

    well as you know i do NOT use demo, my test period between oct and jan was live, and as expected i came out of testing with a net loss,

    Testing Period, 12 October till 28 Jan,

    First picture, current situation, including history fully opened up till when i joined ICMarkets

    second picture, from offical start date after test period

    Third is Viper performance

    Fourth is Dayfox

    Fifth is ST

    Last is SS - the best return
    trade story SS.png


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      Hi Dupapa,
      I had to reply after reading your story just to say thank you,I to have been on this very journey and it is just good to hear that I wasn't the only one experiencing these things,for so long I thought it was just me going through this crap,and I to can not thank Nick and the crew enough for what they have created,
      Again thank you Dupapa,I wish you all the best,GW


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        Originally posted by dupapa View Post
        P.S "Will" do you remember sorting out my VPS for me at 4am whilst i was in ethoipa, with 30 mins or so before i had to leave, you worked super fast, and from memory back then support was different, i seem to remember you had actually woken up to support me (mabye this is when you an nick headed of the problems) i flew 5 countries in 13 days, all whilst getting this lot hooked up. Actually looking back i think thats another reason i decided to stay, not once was i flashed with shiny promotios and 100000% gain graphs, my biggest interaction was getting something done in less than 30 minutes "being a totally new client" even when i clicked the button it said upto 24 hours, yeah my first week here, good impressions

        well as you know i do NOT use demo, my test period between oct and jan was live, and as expected i came out of testing with a net loss,

        Testing Period, 12 October till 28 Jan,

        First picture, current situation, including history fully opened up till when i joined ICMarkets

        second picture, from offical start date after test period

        Third is Viper performance

        Fourth is Dayfox

        Fifth is ST

        Last is SS - the best return
        The attachments dont work dupapa


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          Update needed....

          they still not working BRM? ill upload them to my drop box if not, i have them saved locally i think so can pop them there if at all anyone is interested!!

          failing that BRM you can get my profile at:

          the "key" filters for separating my account are as follows: DayFox, Esmart, Super, Viper, i tag some of my own as "ben" so for example you want Viper, "add" "viper" an exclude "*.*" but im guessing you already know this....

          so i guess your all wondering how am i getting on...

          well the 5 who are tracking the account.. i guess you know already..

          ok so this month i took a 30% loss.. to anyone who isnt tracking, lets put it this way, fantastic from feb until sept, then a 30% equity hit! always going to happen, just a surprise who cause it

          ouch, only ouch for the following:
          NOT because the risk i take (crazy) oh no... i was prepared for that, ( no matter who how and what, at 50% debt i either 1) close all trades and run with whats left, 2) after viewing likeliness of getting out of a use a hedge/own trade ideas to save remaining capital - if i take option two i have until 70% DD to call quits. i.e i have a 20% account margin to trade out of mess if i take option 2, which involves getting my hands dirty....

          this time and the 30% loss was caused by Vijay, an sadly Vijay broke his own rules. now whilst it is pissing annoying he did, lets just put this into perspective. now after this last case..i could be so quick to pull him up on this, but lets all be real here, their has been at least 3 maybe more DD scenarios just only this year that Vijay single handidly has traded us out to safety using his own brain to decide what i best for us. Bottom line the other times he was right! hurrah!! now this latest time, he was not.. is he now a bad trader? no. has anything at all changed about my plan?

          I have no doubt, that: if this was just an EA from the start, we would of blown well before now.. and secondly, i trusted Vijay before, an he has been right, but i bet when things like this happen all he gets is hate mail - (likely 5x's the amount of hate from one mistake from the love from at least 3 right choices...)

          in honesty the thanks received in those scenarios are lost in comparision but such is human nature.

          all i can say on the matter is: 1) yes i truely hope vijay keeps to his DD plan, but like before if he didnt and it came our way, he would be a GOD anyway, so maybe ill just left Vijay call this one!! if its 10% 20 or even 40% at least i know that likely Vijay has acted on what he thinks is best, and what most people forget, is he is the PRO, so good or bad, much respect Vijay

          and i mean that honestly, much respect, been with you since silent specialist wiped me, you where asked for a risky high gain stragety, you provided, and we all if we had put faith from the start should still be well in the green!! remember the first two month Vijay? wow that was a roller coaster, and to think how steady an stable it is today!! well done you!!!

          yes i feel sorry for anyone who joined recently who has lost alot, all i can say is, from IMO, the amount of communication from Vijay, AND (and this is rare) Vijay's openness to adapt and better his stragety on the fly, we can all alter code, where Vijay stands out is all the modifications have been purely based around limiting DD (and if anyone is still not on side an think he is risky, just go read back through every page of that forum, all Vijay has done is put safeguard after safeguard, true pro their!!

          oh also Vijay, Much respect after the recent loss to still show your face so much, it has got to be tough not only loosing your own funds but your clients, this is on the back of a breach of trust on the agreed DD with nick an going live

          MY personal oppinion, is that the pressure of going live make you hold that basket, not wanting the first to be a looser, thats fine Vijay, but in future keep within the DD and everyone will still pat you on the back.

          IMO the current loss recently is no one is pissed at you Vijay, or thinking your stragety is bad, we all just want to know the worst case % loss so we can set our accounts to match

          from now on im setting my expertation of a total loss to what i was last week......30%, (the original scope of the EA - (you told me this) at worst expect 5 trades and 120 pip from first point, im gearing this to yet another 30% if we hit again, you might say 25% or even twenty, but you know what Vijay, ive watched all your trades, there has only been once that if i went 100% against you i would be right, this means, even if you hit 30% im still tempted to kill the EA an manual trade as usally the EA is right just timing is off! time has shown this, and whats even more a remider for me you know what you are doing, is twice between ST an SS this year ive seen you book looses of 300 pips or so, only to be perfectly right in negating further risk and as a result the remaining trades in the basket have recovered the loss!!

          to sum up.. 30% loss, Vijay that hurt, going forward Vijay you the man so do what you do!!

          now... having more then one supplier on your account... im starting to think this is a bad thing, since october 2013 ive had not less than 3 traders at any one time on my account, i use risk based on balance, and yes i usually have my baskets slightly unbalanced due to haveing more than one trader on my account.

          this is NOT good, it ONLY has been working at the traders i use have been hitting 70% success on average, meaning most unbalanced baskets end up in good profit as the most profitable/lat trade in the basket is normally higher then the first.

          this 30% loss was no different, i had a 0.22 to start an a 0.26 to finish. (this is the norm, well actually when i started it was a 0.7 to 0.9 difference, which is linear, so somethings ring true..

          bottom line i took the loss, so.. you ask... where from here??

          well at the time both dayfox and Viper had trades open (BIG problem) unfortunatly at my own further risk ive had to increase both of these.. viper was at 4.6x's risk and Day forx 1.3x's. once converted to GBP this is 3x's for viper and 1x's for dayfox

          well i cant just drop risk mid basket, so to balance the account i had to increase risk dramatically, (this is an issue when running multiple providers on one account,)

          so until im flat in that respect, viper got increased to 6.6x's risk and DayFox to 2x's - (in a nut shell i adjusted both viper and fox to the point the trade sizes are identical to before the loss...)

          now im not great with maths, but im sure someone clever will point out what ive just done looks like ive increased risk by only 30% (negating the loss) in fact i would guess ive likely now doubled my risk for a 20% gain monthly if i had not, so to a math guru im committing suicide, well what i say to that is, if i didnt and the traders hedged etc, i could be in a worse situ going forward,
          an about the maths %, i wouldn't even like to say why i think its double other than i that i think im likely right, we on the house, a 30% loss is never 30% loss, its more, got spread an commision and also slippage via broker and copier to get that back.. (even if its double whats done is done, at least till this friday)

          so what about the other three traders? well ST got adjusted from 2x's to 4x's interestingly at 2x's he opened 0.6 on my account since loss 4x's risk is comming out at only opening 0.5's first lot size, (suprising such little lot difference, and based solely on that fact im comfy to stick with it, 0.01 smaller, 1/3 down 0.6 accross all, so in theory after a 30% wipeout i think he should be at 0.4 (each 0.2 being a third of my account)

          Viper as above has trades open so he is mega risk currently :/

          DayFox is now flat, looking to run him today as is, but looking to turn him down once i have time to cross reference the % gain on his account and Nicks's account vs my own

          SmartScalper or SS - amazingly an call me crazy, this baby is going into the market this week as if it never took a loss. while Vijay i dont fully get out 30/40/50 pip changes and why that will benift us, i trust as i have in the past, that you know what your doing,

          now i noticed everyone was very quick to say to Vijay this change would of resulted in the same loss. maybe, but did anyone notice the one line of respnce which catagorically said that yes if the trade was taken we would of lost even with the changes... but did ANYONE notice the tiny text that said the EA wouldnt of taken it, ignorning the fact of the outcome once opened and the 30/40/50 pip changes.. im intreagues to ask whats changed Vijay, but as this is your stragety i know you are very unlikely able to answer that with a real fact answer just due to keeping you stragety safe.

          onto smart scalper.. yes you heard this right... it has been adjusted so im using the same lot size as before the 30% loss, the way i see this is, 1) vijay didnt close, now i need 4 months to regain the loss, not good, so im risking 1 month at same then next 3 months back to original setting of 1.2 or 1.3x's depending on the mood (1.3 = 0.8 risk on gbp account) hopefully cut 6 weeks this way at massive additional risk

          (do bear in mind, ive increased risk, but i also have the 30% money on standby if the account looks unhealthy, this 30% will only be used if it is needed and current risk settings cause the need.

          in effect im running likely double risk for say max 6 weeks, with the money on standby which would pull the account back to original risk settings if i needed to put it in the account

          lets hope i can pull this off huh!!


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            BTW apologies, some might see it others not. the last entry since loss and the one below are both written sober,

            i want to share my experiences but im not very good at doing so, thus why its taken the good ole drink to get me to write,

            well hopefully the last an the message below makes sense as im 100% beer free today.....

            [edit] loads of spelling mistakes but this edit is actually for... BRM, Roger, or any of the other Senior members who post rarely and read rarely, i read an take your words as good advise. can you give me some advise via PM if you like but ignore my account is a crazy risk account, im interested in gold.. has anyone of of you got a honest first hand experience of the new gold signal promoted here, or gold in general, i ask as for one, i know nothing of gold (other than i put in what i thought was a small trades, ((oh going back 3 years)) to realising it wasent, and wiping my account, ive since wiped two other manually accounts playing with gold. 2) any personal experience you can share to shed insight.

            now as previously stated - I NEVER use a demo account, but by GOD, GOLD just cleans me out... so in a PM.. any adivse even if i lower all my current traders, can a 2k GBP account handle gold? this is at 500:1 and also with aout 1k spare for DD horrior scenario??

            ill do this in PM, but Roger, can i get your skype name or Email, i know you are not the tax man, and NO im not cumming to you for answers, im asking you for some help via skype /email as 1) you are uk based. 2) seem very knowledgeable of the uk climate in terms of forex (this does not mean you can tell me the right answers) 3) you seem without question the most mature, and properly most neutral personality on this site when presented with facts and also when speculating, so for those reasons alone im asking for 5 mins of your time. if i manage to hook you up on skype even for a 5 min call / a chat if a call is too much then that would be amazing. this is not me pestering from advice, im treating this as asking a friend for somehelp, just cause we have common goals, im also very interested where you mention copying this into SB accounts.

            you dont relalise it Roger, but posts like your taxman one, although full of warnings this is our own interpretation no one else so far have i met who have even attempted to try and use SB accounts, this alone makes you 5 steps ahead of me / other.

            i promise anything i can learn from you i will pass on as your knowledge (to be taking with a pinch of salt) you have given me the insight to seek legal tax advise an im currently going through the process of starting my own limited company!!

            an Damn you NICK!! why the restrictions on Viper?? i was just managing to get funds together to go forward with less risk, one question regarding the change, for someone like me. 1.6k feb, utp 3k now down to just above 2k, now its small but compunding can get that upto $40,00 by march given good months back to back. (this money is peanuts to most, but to me with the house, now being single but having a child etc, i dont have spare funds, every penny from the last 6 years went into the mortgage, which im so glad i got as they really hard to get now in the uk....((got it in jan?)

            so as shocking as this is, my "1600 investment" was actually invested via 2 credit cards ((thats just how much i beleive not only in this site/trades but also my ability to smooth over the bumps that i acutally no lie spent a CC company's money (natwest and capital one uk)

            truth be it i was broke an as im stubborn and only test on live accounts, on the DAY BEFORE i went live ambushtrader cost me dearly, well cost me my real money..

            well.. i have a 7k loan that wraps up a few debts, including the 1600 above, so you could say its technically paid, now by telling people this maybe it will shed some light why i might be willing to risk so much % of my account..

            i see often on this website, the notion, a small acount means nothing, a large account means alot so you wont risk,

            well let me just tell you, you peeps witjh 100K which you dont want to loose and running them low risk, well given the above scenario, id say my account meants just as much, yeah its only 2k, which although small is likely more important to me that you 100k is only cause i right now 200 is alot to me!! the only reason i can continue this level of risk is it got past the three first months (expected time to double account) so now im running on probability, the real question is not when but if i can pick the right time to pull out.

            second, the 2k means alot as if its gone, its gone, there is no backup, this is year number 4 into 5 that fails this journey, im hoping though that it will play in my favour, i plan to reduce risk every 4 to 8 months ( i review the account every 4 months) this is to try and stay sustanable,

            right now first plan - turn this 2k into 5k then half risk, then turn 5 into 7.5k and half risk and half again at 10, that means at ten times risk i should be running 2x's less risk than im taking now...

            old saying that so true though.. if i had money id make money without stress, well thats my plan to have that first chunk....

            my favorite at work when asked what im to do next,

            well.. i have a plan.. but like most plan, the plan fails, at this point we move to plan b

            haha plan a - going good
            plan b - wtf - little wobble but on track
            plan c - er.. this is not going right can i go home yet.
            plan d - Fix it, somewhere somehow there is not really a plan d so get it fixed at c already!!


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              Originally posted by ghost walker View Post
              Hi Dupapa,
              I had to reply after reading your story just to say thank you,I to have been on this very journey and it is just good to hear that I wasn't the only one experiencing these things,for so long I thought it was just me going through this crap,and I to can not thank Nick and the crew enough for what they have created,
              Again thank you Dupapa,I wish you all the best,GW

              Hi Ghost Walker,

              good to hear a reply, this is the thing, we all walk this Forex path, yet none really talk about their experiences, i guess when i relised that and out of thanks to Nick & Co i thought id ctually make an attempt at documenting my journey here!!

              You for sure not alone, but my god without places such as here where would we even hear this??

              you know im up for adding some new forex contacts (in four years ive not added one yet) the calibre of people here are making me re think that,

              im ben.storkey on skype, if u add me just put forex signal in the hello and ur username!


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                Another point regarding the loss, anyone feeling a but bummed Vijay hit 30%, trust me if you run your account like mine it could be alot worse,

                being ECN we get market price, im just glad the price on the loss day didnt spike too quickly, it amazing to see how quickly DD can be, 20, then 30% then within 2 second 60% you could be massive debts in seconds with an account like mine, due to the high risk and the fact 500:1 leverage used, anyone doing like me, set an EA that closes you out or at least text/email you at a pre-defined DD level, always use the max lot protection ST provide, and if like me you dont trust anything i use 80% in the Global SL fuction for allowed DD in ST.

                you might think what 80%?? well im not planning on it, no.. 50% infact, but if market drops like brick it would then be the "third" mechanism that tries to save my capitol/pocket change remaining. the first protection is the trader himself (they all have a point they hedge or hit SL) second being the Warning EA, third if all fails close all at 80% (checked likely once a mins by simlpetrader due to server load, but this is fine at this point im screwed anyway -

                you know this is what i love aboutt this sight, it has enought issues with providers that its not 100% success, keeping away the easy route thinkers from this site, but also it successful enough that its the first time im looking longer term, mixed with a at time "heavily" moderated forum, sometimes i feel rightfully and others not always,

                random fact, Viper since october last year has cause my biggest DD (not loss) Twice over the othertraders, my whole maths on risk is actually based originally on the Nov DD and recently of the June DD (i feel june was sightly worse in terms of %, but i was alot more calm this time)

                no really, when viper gets me to 50% DD he should place a hedge. well in november he did, and i scaled back risk, in June he broke this DD record, putting me 52%? well we lost money on it, but sure as day.. Viper placed a hedge.. the maths since feb clearly still work.

                what i like basing my trade plan on viper is, he is sto static, an what i mean is, the market can do what it likes, Viper sits back all relaxed, small 3.5 lot on the master, but whats re-assuring, he acts everytime on the money, it shows he keep the same risk to reward where he can, and also much keep to his plan like glue, cause although i dont know his stragety nor his proprietary indicator, one thing is for sure, the sticks to whatever it may be as time after time the numbers stack!!

                so thanks Viper, you get me in the most debt, an in terms of the profit you only come in 3rd out of 4th place, but by god its relaxing even at higher risks, given whats said, you might think what? why keep then, but i have to say, im never stressed during his DD. Viper/Jeff you have a knack of giving just enough info to calm nerves yet enough to try read the following days, its a cool skill, if anyhting id suggest though you keep your energy on your trading as sometimes its sad to see the pettyness of some members questioning or outright calling shots in your thread,

                look at usdcad, you could of added at the base, every trader i know likely would of, you never would, i know this as you didnt even when we where making high highs and higher lows, you believed in your first trade, you managed NOT TO GRID on what a 400 -500 pip movement, amazing patience to keep your original trade in and not average, again this is a definitive style of your, something you do different from the other traders on my account.

                all in all, between, viper,ss,st,day - they so different to each other they work very well.

                P.S Vijay, i hope we have a good recovery week or the forums will sadly be alight with negativity!!


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                  I saw my name. I just need a spare hour then I can read through all this. But for now I've had too many beers and the words are fuzzy.


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                    Im out of the markets for, maybe for quite some time.

                    due to playing the high risk card and also dayfox dd limit fiasco imo totally f***ing up my account by being outside what i believed was the correct risk profile for him in terms of DD, i took the decision to close the account today

                    it started when I had to take the decision on Sunday night to shut down DF and then tonight all signals and then be on manual until my original equity was safe, i made this decision as slightly after market open i only had ~25% equity left. I have at least done as planned and recovered a little more than my original investment and have liquidated all trades. im a little bummed i never let run further the trades this evening, as i would be out with really good profit even higher than from before this mess. but being sensible i saw my opportunity @.7835 ish and took the money and run, i think i done the right thing although it does feel like ive gone through 3 nights of nearly no sleep hell to walk away with pocket change but then looking at it, i had 2.8lots net short against usd going into fomc news with 400 equity remaining and a .5lot or so in cad, really i should just be happy i survived and not focus on what i "could" of achieved holding on ttonight even if it would easily got an extra 33% on original balance.

                    you live an learn, what now.. now its time to not rush into the next step, im not sure im willing to start this all again with what i have, im net at a loss when looking at the traders copier fee's after 9 months.

                    thanks Traders for your services, Within a week ill know if there is any future, keep eating those pips Jeff/Vijay



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                      Tough luck dupapa. I am very close to where you are at for reasons as I'm sure you know about if you were reading the day fox forum which I'm sure you were. It's also a really critical point for myself. I will be pissed off as well as upset. In fact I am already both which is why i had to step away.

                      If you felt relief when you closed down your account then you made the right decision. What was your margin level at when you decided to close? If it was under 200% then you may have been margin called anyway and could of been left with nothing. This way you fight to live another day. I have been where you have been at right now 2x already in the past 2 years. So best advice is to make yourself a compound interest calculator. Take your deposit, work out how much 1% per week will make you after 5 years and if your happy with the amount then continue on. Safe and steady. You SHOULD be able to attain 1% per week here. The problem is the adventurer in ourselves. If you make 4% in a week then maybe even turn everything down. I dont know mate but I feel for you. I am 50% drawdwon currently so I may be where your at soon too. But chin up as that's all you can do. We just need to learn to not take Nick's WCS parameters to heart as that's where you, I, and others have been burnt.

                      Good luck mate. I really feel for you. If I had a shitload of money I would donate to your fund but as it is I'm currently donating to AxiTrader charity.


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                        Sorry to see you go dupapa. Good luck mate, i wish you come back and take lesser risk.
                        Trade the market, not the trader


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                          Indeed very tough luck specially when in financial distress.

                          I just want to say regarding WCS stated by trader/Nick.. I always double that number and use that tp calculate the risk.

                          1. Cause the WCS is up till today and you never know what happens tomorrow
                          2. We are humans. Humans are unpredictable

                          By doubling the number of WCS you buffer yourself to situations like this.. As always it's hard to not focus on how much you earn each month but the potential loss. Specially when you are in it to compound your profit it's more important to not lose then to win.


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                            After speaking to family as we where in the middle of setting up a limited company, thats on hold for now,

                            this accounts risk is dialed down by half across the board expect DF cut down by a factor of 4, im letting this run in set and forget mode, if it manages to make it a year further and the involved traders keep within roughly what is set out, then an only then will i look to make a further healthy deposit an finish my idea of getting this set through a limited company with relatives,

                            my confidence after twice being bitten by broken dd expectations is shook, an for investment i need time to trust that invested money is at expected risk and if it isnt then hopefully i still survive,

                            if anything the further deposit will be attached with much lower risk again then this latest set.

                            im very thankful for the traders work dont get me wrong, an i accept i was high risk, was just bummed to be caught out on expected exposure the signal was sold on, but lesson learnt, wont be bit twice, an Zuttasoxx that is a very wise move, something i will cross reference on my account,

                            An BRM i too feel for every person burnt by this, i really hope you survive the fight, this it has hurt many. bit of a fiasco really, im sure Gil will get you all out of this, it all comes down to margin really during the fight, i wish you every success in getting through! but your for me it needs to be chin up, I got my initial back, and hell ive been burnt plenty, every time i seem to learn my lesson after the loss haha, but thats the way of Forex i guess,

                            I think statistically, Viper is still by far the safest trader in my portfolio, so a special thanks to Jeff for that.

                            ps Vijay keep doing what you do, just seen some greens come through, yes i went live as chatted earlier today about posistion.

                            cant help but be in... what can i say
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                              66%,43%,6%,10%,5%.This dd hit me in last 7 months.Viper makes 3%,st 6%,ta 2% per month if there is no dd.At the end of the day 80% of vip subscribers this year lost money ,only if somebody follow just viper and st made nice profit.

                              So will try only st and viper,the last 2 mohicans
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