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My Journey to find forexsignals.com and live results

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    look ill be totally honest, i havent updated as i was meant too,

    I went on a massive drugs binge mostly class a related and gambled my accounts during the 5 day "session" much to a detrimental effect to my accounts as i thought it was fun at the time...

    well it turned out so bad i in fact still now cannot even log into myfxbook yet and actually see the damage ive done, i know what done is done, i can see my much smaller balance in my account in mt4, but i cannot face the graph.

    7 words...dont ever do what i just done,

    what should be a tale of my success here is being hampered by my continual abuse of substances, something ive battled since leaving school (14 years ago)

    this s%^t has got to stop. its consuming me, and causing depression to rule my world,

    im currently in Marutania, im on a natural break of abusing, cause its not the easiest to score here, im going to try my best when i depart and land home Saturday to use this as a spring boardm scary s$%^ feels like loosing my identity but i must try this is beyond a joke now.

    i will update at the end of this month, i told myself mentally i need to face up to facts and personal issues in the interim, lets see how it goes.

    sorry nick feels a little out of place writing this here but in reality i said i would update and hand on heart this is why i have not.


    onward and upwards.. or so they say

    edit: and maybe just maybe being honest to the community here and writing my issue might give me some extra fight against my deamons
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      Damn, that sux Dupapa....

      You should think about joining the MAM. Then at least you won't have the ability to gamble your accounts if you do get in the mood.
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        Mate that's heavy shit. You gotta sort that out dude. Put all your trading money into MAMs. Take that stress and temptation out of your life. It's too destructive.

        With trading your only job is to MAKE MONEY. It doesn't matter how you do it. Sometimes we all want to be heroes and press the buttons ourselves but that doesn't have to be the way. No problem at all with a MAM.

        Declare to your friends your lack of drug wants from here on in. Then take people out of your lives from hence that enable it. You don't need them.

        Good luck.


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          Your right Nick MAM's take that all away..

          argh ive never taken to gambling my accounts, why i did i dont know, yes ive got a specific gamble account for exactly that, but never this, its stresses me out like anything thinking how could i be so stupid

          in reality i think its a sign im loosing the long term battle here, its not just my accounts, my life and actions are erratic at best as of late,

          i thought i took my accounts seriously but clearly something didnt register this time and ive paid the price, in a sadistic way its kinda good i got my arse handed to me, its a sore that is still stinging,

          i think in reality im just loosing it and not in a good way

          and BRM i think i need to go on holiday, i dont have a friend who doesnt also abuse and this is only true due to years of me making choices that feed my own addictions like only socializing with like minded people, the end result?

          they are my only social groups especially since i split from the ex what over two year ago now,

          my head is saying, wake up you prick, smell the coffee and take responsibility for your actions, easy said, so easy said

          about MAM's, I hate MAM's but only cause i dont like not having control, but in reality am i in control, in my current state of mind, clearly not, i need to give the MAM some serious thought, it wont be something that changes overnight though,

          this changes getting investment from family also as i cannot trust myself, such a no go this year at least,

          as right now my main concern is actually i need to gain control of myself. i not sure how much ill be around, but ill be back come end of month,

          (yet this is the killer, 3 days a week i turn into normal Ben who's a great father to his only son and i never abuse on these days, s$" my son does not even see me smoke cigarettes i wont have it, makes me wonder if i lived with him still would i be different, but then even thats stupid to say that, i dont and this is what it is, i need to grow up!)

          so sorry for being what can only be considered a train wreck and embarrassment to myself,



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            Stay strong Dupapa.

            “Tough times don't last, tough people do. ”
            ― Robert H. Schuller


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              Right im going to keep posting from this point forward only things relevant to the trade account, which in fairness is what this thread was for,

              so for reminder, I invested a further 4k gbp into forex in the 30/01/2015, this is also the date i got back my ICMarket account after an account issue with them,

              so im looking at traders from that date forward, so 9 month performance so far

              new equity high as of this month.....

              Viper has been fantastic all year, bar none he keep me the least stressed and i wont lie i run him at 4x, and have been since the lowering of lot size, will go back to 3x at somepoint.
              Every month plenty of pips great communications and zero fuss, what more could you ask for, here is how he is done for my account this year
              Viper2 oct.PNG

              Vijay, both his systems perform and keep adapting, and the gains are amazing, its high gain but yet safe, guided by a very humble and an excellent trader who when needed gets his hands dirty and sorts out the mess, its a beauty to watch and Vijay has piloited us to safety more times than a can remember, i can sleep totally sound at night with both smart trader, and smart scalper running on my account

              Smart trader
              smart2 oct.PNG

              Smart Scalper
              scalp2 oct.PNG

              Kili ive had almost all year and we are still treading water, while i love the SL's and i dont lose one wink sleep over him trading my account, i cannot lie it would be lovely to see kili start pulling them out of the bag again, its good as he will never wreck my account, and that in itself is worth seeing if things turn around, which i wish phill the best of luck with doing so

              kili uses partials and i cant include the "from" trades as steady who ive added also does the same, so the stat will be not accurate
              kili2 oct.PNG

              Beta trader, not much to say, subbed early september and havent seen much activity,
              beta2 oct.PNG

              Steady capture, my latest addition, been watching him for quite some time and added him on the 27/10/15, already he is pulling in the pips, im likeing this one alot, glad to have added you steady

              steady uses partials and i cant include the "from" trades as kili who ive added also does the same
              steady2 oct.PNG

              im over the moon with the performance of the traders as a whole, i owe a big thanks to Nick and his hardworking team who have made this possible, you lot really are one of a kind, so credit to yourselves

              and also to the traders i owe my sincere thanks as without you there is no pips, and boy do you bring them! its been a fantastic year so far, massive thank you to all

              im not removing any money im compounding till ii dont know when..

              i have chosen to not show stats for my other account, its graph and percentages are a total mess, but it is open to public still on myfxbook,

              here is the account referenced above
              hope2 oct.PNG
              the big dent was me being a fool last month, this month i leveraged Vijays trades heavily when he put down his second trades in the nzd basket pairs, worked well

              Many thanks for reading, really looking forward to seeing how year end plays out!

              Good luck to all

              Last edited by dupapa; 10-30-2015, 09:07 PM.


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                so all trading in the same account ? may i know the risk setting for each of them

                also if they are all trading only on that account, are you getting any profit after paying the sub fees ?


                • #38
                  Yes they are all trading is this account, its a VIP account so fee's are not an issue,

                  my other smaller account is not VIP and has SS,ST and viper on copier, that has more than covered it fee's but i wont remove i want to compound, i count the fees as like one of my house bills and just keep on

                  risk settings have been pretty static until this last month, currently they are as follows

                  account1 set as deposit currency
                  Vijay scalp 1.6/1.54= 1.038x
                  Vijay Smart 2.2/1.54= 1.428x
                  Jeff Viper 6.4 /1.54= 4.155x

                  account 2
                  Vijay scalp 1.4/1.54= 0.909x
                  Vijay Smart 1.6/1.54= 1.038x
                  Jeff Viper 5.4/1.54= 3.506x
                  Phil Kili 0.8/1.54= 0.519x
                  Beta Beta 1.6/1.54= 1.038x
                  Steady Steady 2/1.54= 1.298x
                  harbor harbor 0.6/1.54= 0.389

                  this month i doubled SS ratio up to what it is shown above after my losses the month before, the other 8 months SS was lower risk(half)

                  hope this helps,

                  Edit, also as of the 27th of this month i swapped my slippage to the following

                  before after
                  Vijay scalp 3 Vijay scalp 3
                  Vijay Smart 3 Vijay Smart 3
                  Jeff Viper 3 Jeff Viper 3

                  Vijay scalp 3 Vijay scalp -3
                  Vijay Smart 3 Vijay Smart -6
                  Jeff Viper 3 Jeff Viper -1
                  Phil Kili 3 Phil Kili 3
                  Beta Beta 3 Beta Beta 3
                  Steady Steady 3 Steady Steady -4
                  harbor harbor 3 harbor harbor 3

                  Last edited by dupapa; 10-30-2015, 09:47 PM.


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                    Nice thread interesting to read about your journey.

                    Stay away from the drugs man no benefits to them, life is too short too waste.

                    One of my friends died in a nightclub taking a pill you just don't know what you are really taking or what can happen.

                    Anyway keep sharing bro cheers.


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                      Originally posted by dupapa View Post
                      P.S "Will" do you remember sorting out my VPS for me at 4am whilst i was in ethoipa, with 30 mins or so before i had to leave, you worked super fast, and from memory back then support was different, i seem to remember you had actually woken up to support me (mabye this is when you an nick headed of the problems) i flew 5 countries in 13 days, all whilst getting this lot hooked up. Actually looking back i think thats another reason i decided to stay, not once was i flashed with shiny promotios and 100000% gain graphs, my biggest interaction was getting something done in less than 30 minutes "being a totally new client" even when i clicked the button it said upto 24 hours, yeah my first week here, good impressions

                      well as you know i do NOT use demo, my test period between oct and jan was live, and as expected i came out of testing with a net loss,

                      Testing Period, 12 October till 28 Jan,

                      First picture, current situation, including history fully opened up till when i joined ICMarkets

                      second picture, from offical start date after test period

                      Third is Viper performance

                      Fourth is Dayfox

                      Fifth is ST

                      Last is SS - the best return
                      The profit is 15x smaller than max DD
                      I would say you are risking a lot to gain small profit