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My New Venture by Compounding on Gains!

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  • My New Venture by Compounding on Gains!

    Hello amazing people,

    Let me start my first post (out of many more to come) by introducing myself to this badass ForexSignals community.


    My name is Ricardo, I am 24 years old currently living in the beautiful Sunshine State, Florida. I was originally born in Colombia and moved to the United States back in 2001 with my parents and little brother (he is taller than me though hahaha). No different than most South American families that are looking to migrate to another country, my parents were no different. Their sole purpose was and has been the same since day one – to seek a comfortable lifestyle, find better job opportunities, and ultimately provide my brother and I with a better future where the only limitation to how far we can go to make our dreams a reality is our mindset, discipline, and perseverance.

    But it was not easy at all. From the moment that we got here, I was already feeling their stress. Coming to a country where everything is new to you – language, culture, living structure, education system, government, the currency in our pockets. It was hard watching them start a new life from scratch as if they were new born babies. No more family home because they were too expensive, no car because it would have been a burden in their pockets, no jobs because they did not have the language or connections to open the doors quickly…it was a flat line with little uptrend in the beginning. Not to mention the stress that was building from school for my brother and I since we didn’t understand %^&* but still had to put in the hours to keep up with the system – competition.

    Let’s skip 2 years of roller-coaster headaches shall we Things were finally starting to settle in. My parents had jobs so sleeping wasn’t so difficult anymore. My brother and I had learned the language so school work or speaking with the other kids was not an issue either. During this time, we were living in New Jersey. Due to the crazy winters and expensive cost of living, my parents decided that it was time to move down south, Florida!


    After a long 1,200 miles road trip, we finally arrived. We settled into our new apartment, my parents had jobs and we were enrolled in our new schools. Things were pretty darn good for us, nothing seem to be “off” so life was a smiley face. After a few years of living in Florida, the Real State bubble was happening, but of course we did not know what it was called back then. All we knew was that houses were sky rocking, we needed little to be part of the trend, and we wanted in!

    My parents finally decided to be part of this soon to burst bubble. They purchased their first condo and it felt like a dream come true in their eyes (the American Dream I think they call it?). I am not going to lie, I was extremely happy just knowing that we finally had “our own little place.” A few months after they had purchased their first home, they thought it would be a smart investment opportunity to jump into a second condo using the money they had saved for my college tuition for when I graduated from High School.


    All seemed to be great, but for some reason, deep inside me, I felt like this did not make sense. I am not saying I knew what was happening or what was about to happen. But how can my parents qualify for 2 homes with the income they had? It seemed pretty absurd to me, but who was I to really understand the mechanism of our financial system or how a lender would qualify an individual for a home purchase. The only question that I kept asking myself was, “Are we really doing this amazing?”

    This question answered itself about 5 months later when the Real State market plummeted. How did I know that? Answer: My parents faces. I automatically knew something was really (extremely) wrong. My mom finally told me what was happening. She has always been the one with the neutral and positive mindset that makes things seem “okay” with the sole purpose of not creating any more stress, even if she had to lie.

    At this point, I was really confused. I didn’t know what was going on, how that would be fixed (if fixable), what we were going to do, and what this meant for our future. All I knew was that we were going to be screwed one way or the other. To make things worse, I was getting ready to enroll in college. I did not know how I would make this possible. All I knew and kept telling myself was that this is the only way for me to move forward and start climbing the corporate ladder that I have always wanted to be part of to live the life that I dreamed.

    Three years of pure struggle went by, but let me tell you one thing – during these years my business mindset, creativity, and no emotion for taking risks to get where I wanted truly started kicking in. I knew that my parents were in a huge hole of debt and their jobs were not getting any better either, so coming out of their financial state was their main priority at the moment just to stay afloat. It was time to put in long working hours, get creative, and pay my school tuition to start climbing the corporate ladder.

    I went from bussing tables, to washing dishes, until I was finally giving the opportunity to be a line cook. Fun? Not at all, but motivated enough to know that I was on the right path to pay off my school loans and keep moving forward, so the sweat was worth the reward in my eyes. As time went by, I realized that the weekly paycheck was not going to cut it for me. If I did not find another job soon, I would be red and I did not want to be there after seeing what my parents were going through. The solution? Answer: Creativity.

    Not too long after the idea came to mind, I started browsing the web looking for “exclusive stuff” to resell. I wanted to be able to make some extra money without having to deviate from my already busy school and work schedule. After doing some research and looking around at different options, I got into the sneaker culture – limited and exclusive sneaker releases. After learning the business, competition, hard to find sneakers; I became a sneaker reseller.

    After a few months, I had a small group of customers that would come directly to me when searching for a particular sneaker. I even started building my own little collection, but I knew that I could not be attaching myself to anything as the only thing that I was solely focus on what my end-goal. The solution? Answer: No emotion.

    Finally! Three years later and my degree on hand, I had graduated. I managed to save $45k within those 3 years. It all went towards my school loans, but I was freaking happy that I managed to make it happen. It was not easy seeing this money literally disappear from my bank account, but I knew this was the price to pay if I wanted to be debt-free and continue on my path to the corporate world.


    Two weeks after I graduated, I was blessed and landed my first job with a car rental company. I was ready! It was time to start climbing that corporate ladder. I knew that all I had to do was work hard, prove myself, and show my interest and desire to bring value to the company. Well, I did that for 7 months before I realized that they had no interest in helping me move forward in the direction that I wanted to grow with them. No matter how hard I tried, I felt like I was their last priority. Though, I knew a lot had to do with the current financial crisis that our country was going through.

    It was time to look elsewhere and seek new land. I was not going to give up, but this experience helped me understand that no matter how good my dreamed job at the time was, it wasn’t what I was truly seeking. The “suit and tie” world was not for me. I knew that there was more out there, so it was time to start doing some research and put in the work again. The solution? Answer: Adapting.


    I took some time off since my last job after graduating from college. I devoted my time to reading and searching for alternatives/solutions that would ultimately feed into the kind of lifestyle that I perceived. Yes, money is always part of anyone’s dream. But, I have learned that if you put too much focus into how much you can make by following X path, you will never be caring enough to actually follow your dream. Trust me, the money will follow no matter how much it really is in reality – I rather make $100/day loving every minute of my work day than making $200/day looking at the time because I hate every second of it.

    I came across back in January of 2015 and started following them since then. I was very intrigued by their services, but I wanted to learn more about their business, legitimacy, and their traders, specifically Smart2 as his returns only kept getting better and better. After following them all throughout 2015, I wanted to become part of this amazing company. In February of 2016, I went ahead and sent Nick a personal email asking for an opportunity to be part of the company. After a few emails back and forth and a week later, I was hired! It’s been 3 amazing months since I became part of the ForexSignals/ThinkHugeInvestments family.

    After a year and a half of contemplating on my investment idea, I decided that it was time to push the green button and get started with my journey. I was super excited after watching Nick’s latest video on YouTube where he made the announcement for US residents to become part of the ForexSignals VIP Club with an initial investment of only $5,000 through their recommended broker, Tallinex. I automatically went ahead and opened an account. I collected my funds, sent the money, and it arrived 2 days later.


    To make things more interesting, I have decided to share my story with the community – from the beginning until infinity as I plan to build this account little by little and share this venture with everybody. My ultimate goal is to prove that not a lot of money is needed to make a decent return on our initial investment.

    This is neither a race nor a competition to make more money than others. This is a marathon of survival. I am approaching this as a long-term investment because that is the only way that it will make sense. What do I mean by that, you ask? If I think of my account as a stream of cash flow every month, I will most likely not enjoy this journey and I am not giving my profits the opportunity to compound over time.
    Here are some rules that I will be implementing to keep myself mentally optimistic, neutral, and non-emotional as I embark on this journey:
    1. LET THE SIGNAL PROVIDER DO THE JOB: Why overthink the situation of a trade if you might not even know why the trade was taken in the first place? If the trader closed a position at a lost, just remind yourself that this is a long-term investment goal, not your weekly paycheck.
    2. DETACH YOUR EMOTIONS FROM THE SYSTEM: Emotions are and will always be the break point for most traders, if not all. This is not an easy game to play, but like Nick says, “If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.” But I like cooking, so maintaining my emotions under control will be a huge asset for me in order to make this last.
    3. LEARN TO ADAPT TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES: I have never traded the Forex market, but I know from my own personal experience that sometimes the worst pain to carry with you is the one of not having tried something different because you were too scared to adapt to change. It’s a risky investment just like the ones my parents took when they decided to move here and leave everything behind. It’s all about having the right mindset to perceive your end-goal.
    4. LET PROFITS COMPOUND: The only way to squeeze as much juice from my investment is by letting my profits keep working for me. Had a 10% profitable month? Awesome! Leave the money in the account working for you. I also like to think of profits as “cushion” to protect my initial investment, so it’s a win/win situation.

    I know that this will be a bumpy ride, but I have already put that in my head. I know that not every month might be all pretty and green, but this is honestly an opportunity of a lifetime at such a young age. I hope you guys continue following me throughout this journey as I will be updating the ForexSignals community every month.

    Nick - Thank you for everything that you do for us. And thank you for thinking of your US based fans by finding ways to provide us with an opportunity to be part of something awesome and very special!

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    Thanks Ricardo, appreciate you going to so much effort to share your story with everyone.

    And i especially appreciate you putting your hard earned money (because I know how hard you've worked!) behind the traders.

    Good luck and may the forex gods grace you with profits for years to come
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      Thank you Nick.

      It's a pleasure being part of this amazing team and community.

      I am very excited what the future has to bring. Where are here now, so let's make the most out of it!


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        Great story! thanks for sharing.


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          Originally posted by Guyverx View Post
          Great story! thanks for sharing.
          I'm glad that you enjoyed it. It's a pleasure sharing this experience with the community


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            Good luck Ricardo! All the best from London :-)


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              Originally posted by Waleed121 View Post
              Good luck Ricardo! All the best from London :-)
              Thank you! Much appreciated


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                Thanks for sharing Ricardo.
                Good luck to Colombia in the Copa semi's. If you follow football.


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                  Thankyou for sharing Ricardo. Very inspiring. Great age to get started at aswell.


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                    Originally posted by ArtVandelay View Post
                    Thanks for sharing Ricardo.
                    Good luck to Colombia in the Copa semi's. If you follow football.
                    Thank you. Oh yeah, we are playing tomorrow against Chile, so it's going to be one intense match!


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                      Originally posted by Balboa View Post
                      Thankyou for sharing Ricardo. Very inspiring. Great age to get started at aswell.
                      Thank you and I am really glad you enjoyed it! Definitely, got to start as early as possible as this is one unique opportunity to start taking advantage of.


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                        Hello amazing people,

                        As always, it’s a pleasure to be part this amazing community of Forex traders and share my venture with all of you since I first joined the ForexSignals VIP Club back in May 20th. I appreciate the feedback and support that you guys have giving me (it means a lot!). I am really glad that you enjoy my story as much I enjoy sharing every step of my Forex journey. Now, let me tell you how my account performed during the month of June.

                        June Monthly Performance Report:
                        Deposit: $5,000USD
                        Current Balance: $4523.51
                        Closed Trade P/L: -$455.91 (-9.1%)
                        Floating P/L: -$126.78

                        Here is the link to myfxbook:

                        June was a bit of a bumpy ride and I am sure you were all aware that. Though my account dropped -9%, it was a great feeling to finally have some skin in the game and start trading the Forex market!

                        Yes, I know that losing such amount can be a bit painful and emotional, but as I mentioned during my first post; I am approaching this investment with a long-term vision. I am very confident that my account will come back and continue growing as I truly believe in the three traders that I am following.

                        Even though Smart2 had a poor performing month, he is still my favorite trader of all. His monthly returns have been outstanding in the past. The fact that June did not leave any profits on the table does not stop me from believing in his trading – he had a plan, took the trade, it did not played out, he closed it...we move on.

                        This is a game of survival and not a race to the finish line (there is no finish line). Staying calm and optimistic is my number one priority since I took on this journey. That is why I enjoy showing my progress to the community. It's a great way for me to share my ups and downs as we work together towards the same end-goal.

                        With that being said…

                        June is behind us and July is just getting started. My account is hungry and ready to keep pushing forward! I will tell you one thing, I will not give up – no matter how difficult, emotional, or painful it might be at times; I must remain calm and optimistic. Not every month is meant to be profitable. This is a volatile ride, and I want to ride the waves!

                        The only thing that I regret is not having start earlier! But again, I am just thankful that I am finally trading alongside the ForexSignals community.

                        This is it for now and I will keep you guys posted with any new updates. Have a good one everybody!


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                          Hello to the best Forex community,

                          This will be my third update since I took on this journey back in May 20th. Let me start by saying that this has being one crazy roller-coaster. I have learned to appreciate every profit no matter how small it might adds up. At times frustration does take over if I am 100% honest, but at the same time I am aware that this was a decision that I wanted to proceed with. But none the less, it has being an amazing learning experience with no regrets whatsoever.

                          Now, let me tell you how my account performed during the month of July.

                          July Monthly Performance Report:
                          Deposit: $5,000USD
                          Current Balance: $$4,449.96
                          Closed Trade P/L: -$73.55 (-1.47%)
                          Floating P/L: -$451.81

                          Here is the link to myfxbook:

                          July was another month with quite some turbulence but nothing compared to June. My account closed shy of -2% for the month so nothing to be concerned about.

                          I know it can be a bit frustrating having two losing months in a row. This can be a reason for others to be disappointed or perhaps quit because “this does not work”, but it’s during times like this that you truly learn to understand that this is not an easy game, not every month is going to be profitable, losing months are part of the journey, and the only way to stay alive is by looking at this investment from a long-term perspective.

                          With July behind us and August just getting ready to take off, I am ready to continue moving forward and see my account recover and continue growing overtime. A few dollars are not going to kill me and I know that with a little bit of patience and letting the traders to their thing, all will be okay.

                          This is it for now and I will keep you guys posted with any new updates. Have a good one everybody!
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