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    Hi Community

    I got my previous threads thats documented my journey from October 2013 until 2016 deleted.

    They where full of rants, and although real, they didnt show myself for who i am, and also the accounts performance its self was over shadowed with my own personal issuesat times.

    I still plan to document my Journey so this is it.

    Main Recap
    Invested 873 October 2013
    Invested a further 10k over 2015 and lost most of it in two instances,

    Late 2015 i took a break after the losses, i also outside of FX had racked up about 35k+ debt on CC, I hatched a plan in November 2015, and by March 2016 id sold my 2 bed house that i had owned of 18 months and downsided to a large 2 bed flat. this was to the tune of about 70k profit, So I paid my debts, treated myself to some gadgets like upgrading my home pc rigs, then invested the remainder into my forex accounts

    Ive Invested into two main accounts,

    Account 1 - Global Prime 14,865.20

    Account 2 - ICMarkets 14,501.11

    My Walk Away point is 50% of my original investment, aka about 14k, the reason, 14k was the original deposit i had to save to get the mortgage for the two bed house originally, where im currently in a family owed flat, my outgoings have shrunk dramaticaly, aslo boosted by having no debt to repay, puts me in a two year plan to make so cash and get back on the property ladder, hopefully just like last time, when the housing market is dead, so i can try and cash in again, hehe

    I invested and went live 1st April,

    Global Prime:
    Viper 1x (just recent 3x)
    0.6 Smart Trader
    0.6 Smart Scalper
    0.55 Kili
    0.78 SC
    1.5 GS

    2.6 SC
    0.55 Kili
    1 Smart2

    Many thanks


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    Thanks for the feedback Ben, I'd wondered what happened to you since your last post.

    I like the look of your portfolio and especially like how you have a floor in which you're willing to walk away. Speaking from personal experience, it makes it much easier to survive the swings if you know what level you'll be calling it quits, and as your accounts grow that level moves further into the distance as you start compounding your gains (hopefully!).

    Please keep us updated on the journey and thank you again for sharing it with us
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