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    Hi Community

    I got my previous threads thats documented my journey from October 2013 until 2016 deleted.

    They where full of rants, and although real, they didnt show myself for who i am, and also the accounts performance its self was over shadowed with my own personal issuesat times.

    I still plan to document my Journey so this is it.

    Main Recap
    Invested 873 October 2013
    Invested a further 10k over 2015 and lost most of it in two instances,

    Late 2015 i took a break after the losses, i also outside of FX had racked up about 35k+ debt on CC, I hatched a plan in November 2015, and by March 2016 id sold my 2 bed house that i had owned of 18 months and downsided to a large 2 bed flat. this was to the tune of about 70k profit, So I paid my debts, treated myself to some gadgets like upgrading my home pc rigs, then invested the remainder into my forex accounts

    Ive Invested into two main accounts,

    Account 1 - Global Prime 14,865.20

    Account 2 - ICMarkets 14,501.11

    My Walk Away point is 50% of my original investment, aka about 14k, the reason, 14k was the original deposit i had to save to get the mortgage for the two bed house originally, where im currently in a family owed flat, my outgoings have shrunk dramaticaly, aslo boosted by having no debt to repay, puts me in a two year plan to make so cash and get back on the property ladder, hopefully just like last time, when the housing market is dead, so i can try and cash in again, hehe

    I invested and went live 1st April,

    Global Prime:
    Viper 1x (just recent 3x)
    0.6 Smart Trader
    0.6 Smart Scalper
    0.55 Kili
    0.78 SC
    1.5 GS

    2.6 SC
    0.55 Kili
    1 Smart2

    Many thanks


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    Thanks for the feedback Ben, I'd wondered what happened to you since your last post.

    I like the look of your portfolio and especially like how you have a floor in which you're willing to walk away. Speaking from personal experience, it makes it much easier to survive the swings if you know what level you'll be calling it quits, and as your accounts grow that level moves further into the distance as you start compounding your gains (hopefully!).

    Please keep us updated on the journey and thank you again for sharing it with us
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      i should give up on giving this a go, i never update as said anyway...

      my excuse, i find this hard tbh

      and every attempt at this has invlove drug talk in my thread, this time is no different, i am still battling demons, start fresh next week,

      an due to deamons, ive stop trading personally on the larger accounts, and also cut about 75% of my activity on my small account. this bar from trading will only lift when i resolve my deamons,

      good news is i go awy for work next week, so that mon,tue and wednesday for a kick start, seriously i want to trade, an im sick to the back teeth, being on my own ban, and still weeks later being on it.

      i hope i can springboard of these three days to freedom, next stop is hypnotherapy, (hell it might work)

      ive never been an open person online, for example i have facebook cause ive got friends in NZ and AU, and occasionally we message on their, but even then i normally login about two times a year making even basic messaging futile.

      funny enough if you was to read my facebook page their is a glaring obvious pattern, i post about twice a year, and im always in Africa, normally uganda or mozambique seems to be my favourite place to post, always drunk after a night out,

      what this says is i do not use facebook unless im stuck with nothing to do, and drunk after being on a night out in africa, aka i really have nothing better to do,
      l wanted to try this due to being so motivated from being a member here to share my story.
      and as my orignal intent is giving myself an imcome stream when i get older as my already KO legs will stop getting me about, then this is my savour, aand hopefully will inspire others to follow their path

      Well all my accounts are flat currently, call me out but they are turned of for a bad "gut feeling" ive got about the USA election next week.

      its rare i get this gut feelings, but when i do i listen, its not a scared feeling, but almost pain felt for all the possible yet to come blown accounts, the only way to discribe this feeling is: its the same feeling you get when you margin call, that gut rot, just i havent lost any money, but it has spooked me enough to stop all activity as of wednesday, i will turn on AFTER the election and AFTER the market has moved ans has settled again.

      so my last update was JULY,

      for reminder i started this year in April, where i invested a further ~29k gbp into my portfolio,

      one reason ive also not updated this, these days is i rarely leave a trader on auto, i normally turn on signals when they go into DD,

      meaning my monthly totals bear no relevence to traders performance, making this relevent to my own decisions on the account,

      Accounts Summary:

      Joint account July 1st = 5,566 - nov 1st = 7008 = 22.94% gain last 4 months
      ICM Big July 1st = 15,951 - nov 1st = 19,176 = 18.4% gain last 4 months
      GP Big July 1st = 16.151 - nov 1st = 20,092 = 21.75% gain last 4 months

      average of all three accounts over the last 4 months: = +21% gain average for 4 months - not bad at all!

      joint account - really happy, this acount is the least modified, as its not all my capital, so changes only come to this account when capital protection is needed

      curent settings:
      ICM small
      FX Viper - LOT multiplier = 0.1x - disabled in cp
      Gold star - fixed lot = 0.02 - disabled in cp

      ICM Big
      steady capture - balance risk = 2x - disabled in cp
      smart 2 - balance risk = 0.1x - disabled in cp
      contraphant - balance risk 0.01x - was testing this only the last week do not like what i saw is now cancelled & expired two days ago
      smallriskhedgefunnd - lot 0.03 - saw this one on tripzor's profile, removed as cannot get lots to scale unless set over 1x risk

      a little lesson learnt, sometimes when looking at other people accounts, people like Tripzor, with balances close to my own, and also passion for signals vs mamms, i often get the urge to follow what they are following, as usually i make these decisions stoned at 1am, well im guily of that last week, i got the urge to find more signals and knicked both contraphant and smallriskhedgefund from tripzor profile,

      i then didnt like what i saw and since cancelled wasting some cash,

      if you dont mind me asking Tripzor, has your signal criteria changed, you seem after that loss last month to add a few more signals and increase risk, im sorry to see the market kicked you back, sad to see it happen as you was doing incredibly well, i wondered if you was jst going all in before it banned in belgium?

      adding of signal can be infectious as sometimes, viper, steady,hans, and vijay, although 4 stragety's on account, i often can feel bored havin only them on the account, ive now watch them for years, i wish for a day that Nick & co bring us a new signal provider, one that is certified, but is likely wishful thinking, as MAM's generate more profit,

      having a think about how signals could generate more profit, one idea is to charge more money for the account size so the montly cost is relevant to the account value,
      the downnside is how to stop people connecting sub 2k account and then local or across the net copy said trade to a 200k account breaking the scale system. this circumvention is also really easy to do even for non techie's making this happening likely across many accounts

      i originally wrote two long paragraphs here, explaining a method by chargin more monthly, locking setting changes like risk multiple changable at end of month only, and locking the max risk multiple a copier can set, could enable you to charge performance fee on a monthly basis to signals,

      i got rid of my reasoning, as i do not know the reason why drop new signals other than profit margin, therefore its silly to list out in details how it can be done

      the solution above is not perfect by far, it needs more thinking done, and requries likely quite a bit of time to setup with a broker, than can provide a MAM backend with a signal provider as the trade operner for the MAM, also a recode parts of the copier,

      but with a bit more thought, i reckon their is a way,

      i suppose what im pointing out is MAM's are not for all, many of us still prefer signals, so Nick is this really a dead horse expecting anew signal in say the next year, should i give up hoping?

      please also note that i swap signal providers between accounts at times,

      i was paying for SS, and ST and just last month i cancelled them due to the performance of Vijay as late,

      One thing i started doing this year, is reducing Vijay risk setting as performance has gone down for a consderable time, now i only apply this to SS & ST, cant really apply to viper, he just sits in the market at low leverage and gets out, steaady capture, i have disabled 90% of the time and enter when he in dd, same with hanz, well im glad i stuck to it, as vijay under performance has robbed a few % here an their, but no lasting damage,

      since about June, i started closing out Vijay trades as soon as they look like trouble, it paid off, next time it might not so ill thank my stars and carry on,

      FACT: since investing more capital this year, i have made over 12k since april, which is great to see, cause over the 4 years or so ive been doing this, that 12k is more than every other year combined, and ive taking much less risk to obtain it,

      my advice to fellow signal copies, get more money invested, your much more likely to survive and not take undue risks because profit amount is low when dealing with small accounts,

      get the capital anyway you can, if your really serious you might do like i did, sold my house to fund my forex accounts,

      and up till now its the best decision ive made (special thanks chooch, and Potter, but in fairness i came to chooch first, told him about selling my house to fund forex, and my personal circumstance and reasoning, and im happy to report they both confirmed no im not crazy, which i was happy to hear, maaybe i always was going to ask a fellow trader their view, cause we have high risk tolorence, cause people around my RL, would be like WTF, no, why wouldd you sell brick and mortar to put it in such a risky instrument, so its was a biased q&a from the start.

      the reason im mentioning this, is if it wasnt for you chooch and you confirming potter, i might not of made this decision, and likely wouldnt of made a pretty 12k in like 9months or so

      so thank you to the team
      thank you to all the traders this year, good or bad %'s
      and a personal thanks to chooch and potter, who didnt tell what what way to swing but made it clear im not crazy for following something i beleive mght work in the long run.

      funny how people around you shape you, little one sentace convo's turing into fuel to carry out what most people couldnt, putting everything that can behind what they are trying to achiieve

      i think as i get older and wiser at this trading game, im becomming more thankful for the friendships made than what im learning from people, i cam here to learn, and i have a damn alot, call me sad thoguh it wouldnt mean so much if i didnt have people to share the experience with,

      this community spirit thing helps, i wonder when computers first came to trading and people choices for communication over the pc where worse / less, must of been some lonely days just you an your monitor,

      right time to end this im totally babbling,

      if im nto clear the whole last point im making is trying to thank the community for nothing particular, but for still being here and still keeping the faith, yes the retail forex market and signal copying is in a general downtrend, glad there will be like minded people here to the end, cause i will be.

      trading is so social these days, i chat more in chat rooms than seeing RL friends, (my friends are all loosers and i cut all ties a month ago, other than one mate) - oh well no friends these days but more time to keep improving myself,

      Honestly i just need to kick the deamons, i truely belive i will become a different person for it, and all for the better! and i belive espically the last year, that sorting myself out will result in more consistant trading generally going forward

      its 2am rhis has grown into a beast,

      soz for rambling, will spell check etc tomorrow


      and nick i fell it is imperitive you have a stop out level so physologicaly you are prepard for it to come one day


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        as some just liek pics..

        Big GP account, the one account with generally most signals turned on but at lower risk than the other bog account, call this the "feeler" account, what im trying to do, is watch price action, and also the trades of signals i copy, then try and pick an oppertune moment (usually when this account is in dd and near important levels)to then enable my other big account with about 2x risk vs this account, but at a better price,

        sound great in pratice very hard to carry out, the first loss i just was too heavy and overleveraged, not over for some people but remember i jst ent from tradink 2 and 4-6k accounts to 15+ accounts that hit in terms of pure numbers the higest debt ive seen, needless to say it spooked me and i cut some leverage, which lost me quite a few %
        now i used to do this method with vijay, cause it easy to apply as he follow a fixed grid in effect, well vijay has been underperforming so no chance to gain from that outlet,
        been trying with moving goldstar about or entering manually at knicking his TP idea as he really does get this almost bang on, but the problem with gs is, when i first notice he hass dd i seem to always catch him about 4 ordes in and about 5-6 pips down, not worth entering, the perfect oppertuninity almost always is on a spike which i miss, and when i next look now there are buys and sells going on messing up my enter late trick
        thats actually a credit to Hans , he immediatly works out of debt
        steady this works well with, he will often open a trade in the direction the market it moving, so if resistance breaks he will buy, this is actually sound trading, but normally we see a PB before going through and follow though with more momentum, them first pb is where i try and enter later and at better price,

        but take it from me, you almost better just leaving it all alone, this graphs is more ugly and overall ha made less money, the only positive is its often in the market alot less than the other accounts.

        this one i copy later sometimes but rarely, this account just ticks along mostly

        #somethingsneverchanged, written as normal, not completly sober, why change now huh, pretty sad i only communicte when not sober though!
        {and people might wonder, yes even in my real real addict days, i always can reconise my downflaws, never had a problem admitting addiction, which is most people hardest bit comeing to terms with reality, well i break the mold, ive always accepted it and embrassed it, and been ok to discuss my issues, but as i grow each year older, im starting to think that iaccept it so well and i never fix it cause i dont see the problem, yes im an addict and what, just dont try and strike up convo after i say that tabout sorting it out, i think my brain tricks me, i so ok about having an addiction that actually i feel no need to fix it, sounds ****ed up, maybe it is, if i told you i talk to myself all the time, i have one RL friend who does the same, which is reassuring to know, they say talking to yourself is a sign of madness, well ive talked to myself my whole life, about what im about to do, or ill replay past daily scenrios, i litrally have a hundred convos a day with mysself, so based on that saying i should be locked up.

        my next update will likely be next month, as that is the end of my next quarter, failing that an i end up too busy/too shy/not off my tits to become an extrovert temporary, then it might be april at end of year one.

        hell if anyone actually reads all that credit to you, i know its not as meaning full and or as good written say as padams standard is it, but as always, this is a true slice of me, at my worst in terms of what ive done tonight, but as a result i managed to come herre and express albeit badly but its an update none the less,

        and why stop writing drivel now, i mean for the last 3 years its been mad drivel so im keeping it real!

        right time for bed it 02:38 and FOR ONCE i have nothing, and i mean nothing to fo today,

        got my new half sqaure so full capital L shapped sofa delivered at 8am this morning, tomorrow will be sofa chill and a narcos season 2 feast,
        (ah im only just getting to into tv aafter boycotting it for my whole life bar the last month say - ive always picked pc screen over tv, for as long as i can remember
        that changed when i went and got the latest samsung 55inch suhd premium 10bit color panel 8500series tv, bloody expensive for a tv, just under 1600
        but from research its the first full 4ksuhd with full hdr range, not like some sneeky model doing HDR on an 8bit color panel that cannot produce allt he color 4k is on,
        if you are about to get a 4k tv, make sure is labled as premium 4k approved, as that is the only true 4k scren out there, dont get caught out on marketing,

        end result i wanted the 65 inch but didnt feel like spending like 3.7k, but its looks amazing, ive now got netfix and amzon prime, and getting through things like braking bad, mr robot, narcos, sneeky pete (only a pilot atm)

        sounds silly but yeah im all exicted as ive only just got into tv last month and thats no lie, so im addicted to it at the sec, didnt realise you could go through so many emotions just watching tele

        funny enough my love affair with tele started right after i banned myself from trading, and tbh, i never thought id grow out of playing games, but since trading, i see no benefit to gaming and game 1/10th of what i used to, what im saying is tradeban = i dont go on pc,

        anyways peave out
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          Well ive been trying to recover from the gpb flash fast,

          Everything went well and then Overlord(bitzzkrieg) started adding EUR/USD sells while I know it was going to go higher, That is just EUR/USD. So he eventually took the loss, (currently disabled eur/usd for him), That is Viper's thing. Normally I still would have had like 22000 balance but then I got the idea to try and breakeven on a night pullbackt while I was drunk, I added like in total 40 lots in sell, I did not care at all. I woke up in the morning and then I knew what I had done. I made 1 big drunk gamble on a small pullback and it blew in my face. Currently in a bit of a ****et up state. 1 Year of profits gone.

          From now on I never ever drink any alcohol anymore, Not that im an alcoholic or somthing but I feel so stupid and mad on myself. This dump stuff im taking with me forever.

          Anyway, I added the smallriskhedge fund because I was trying it out, Made like 500 euro and then noticed it was just a grid and the 800k is actually 8k in the account because of cent account so its just to try and trick people. Why make a cent account with 8000 ? So I took a small loss but overall made profit.

          And yes my signal perspective changed, I have been adding more traders, Overlord or Blitzzkrieg was my real change, He knows how to trade and keep low drawdown.
          Since then I also have my drawdown protection on because he's broker was shiitt and took me with it on gbp flash. (normally only 10% drawdown on blittzkrieg on 0.5x) and I had a 37% loss.

          Since then I have been trying to recover while adding night scalpers or night traders, To keep the over drawdown low

          So overall you can say im a bit more risky, But I will go back to less risky trading in the future,
          I just need a bit more profit to keep my life running smooth. Alot of signals = alot of costs.
          But for now Im just relaxing till im over my personal crisis. (because I really feel like shit)

          Best Regards
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            it wont make you feel any better, but to be honest, ive done it mate, twice as it goes, the second time was a big loss for me,

            i know where your at, dont revenge it from here on it,

            interesting to find out that was a cent account, i didnt do proper checks really, sneaky little sh$t

            Hopefully no more drama's mate and good luck getting your wounds healed