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  • Finally a solid Forex signal provider

    Hi guys,

    I'm paul. I started forex almost one and half years ago. I know this won't help for professional traders who had spent years and years of experience but for guys like me, have a long way to go to know inside out of trading. I, myself have tried so many strategies but none of them seems working in the long run. I even tried so many robots and signal providers in the market but all of them have blown my account numerous times. What I always believed was if I don't have what it takes to trade successfully, better I hire a professional until I acquire the knowledge and the trading psychology to trade on my own. But I was disappointed of every signal provider who claim they are the best in the market. Most of them are big time scammers who alters past results and showcase.
    One day my friend sent me a link to a blog (which is currently closed) to try this guy out mentioning he provides solid signals in real time but for a small fee. So I gave it a shot since i had lost already from other scammers. I was happy after seeing the first few results. This one is different from others. Unlike others he doesn't provide signals everyday and every time but only when there is an opportunity with the minimum risk (mostly 1-2 signals per week). I have tried this guy for 2 and half months now (in the 3rd week I bagged 600 pips with only 2 trades) and so far it is being amazing. I'm very happy to finally be in the right side of the market. Finally, I have started to cover up my losses and hopefully I will make good money in the long run.
    The reason for this post is that I wanted to let you guys know who are unable to trade by yourself or who have failed in the trading business so far or who are frustrated of scams by so called rich signal providers, this might worth a shot. Happy trading!!

    Note: They have opened a Facebook page recently to publish free signals to try them out before subscribe. Inbox them and get details. They have mentioned that they provide other services like account management too but I have not tried that so far. Check that out for a few weeks on demo and see for yourself. Hope this was useful for those who need.
    Link -

    Share this and help another trader like me and you. Thanks