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    EUR/USD is trading relatively unchanged today gravitating towards 1.0625. The pair would face high volatility this week due to important financials tomorrow and on Wednesday.


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      USD/JPY is in the middle of its downward short-term trend in today's preopen European hours. The pair is now 113.68 and is caught between support at 112.00 and resistance at 115.00. The trend shows that the pair progressively weakens and therefore we can expect the resistance to change the direction back from the correction wave to the downside.

      However, we should not undermine market's strength amid strong US expectations and so, USD/JPY can make an attempt to go above short-term resistance and reach mid-term resistance at 118.60.

      We don't have any major news scheduled for today, but the next two days are packed with financials such as Chair Yellen's speech before senate on Tuesday and the Consumer Price Index on Wednesday.


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        EUR/USD looks more optimistic as we enter into the European session today. The pair is now 1.0623 as we have exciting news later today - a speech by Chair Yellen.


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          CAD/JPY is trading right about between resistance and support in the shot-term outlook. The pair registered a move to the upside in the beginning of the month and has now reached immediate resistance in the face of 87.00

          Short-term resistance is seen at prior highs at 88.80, while short-term support awaits at 84.78, the two latest lows.

          The pair is expected to continue trading in that range due to low volatility and fundamentals. During the consolidation period, market participants would most probably wait for a break out of either sides before making their decision. However, the predominant trend is bullish with strong resistance at 89.00.


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            @rosentray: how is this related to customer stories and testimonials ? I think you should move this topic somewhere else if possible.


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              EUR/USD is lower today due to Yellen's speech yesterday. The hawkish tone drove investors back to the US currency and now EUR/USD is trading at 1.0555.


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                EUR/USD reached a high of 1.0680 earlier today and is now trading at 1.0650. Important news are scheduled for later today.


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                  GBP/NZD opened the European session higher in comparison to last weeks levels. The pair reached an intraday high at current market price of 1.7372 and is now facing immediate resistance. The Sterling had a bad week last week when it depreciated against major opponents.

                  Now, the British currency appears to be gaining trust again. GBP/NZD is reacting bullishly to market conditions and now eyes are on first resistance level at 1.7480. Major bull target rests at 1.7710.

                  On the other hand, Sterling bears might attempt to bring it down below last week's level and close at 1.72. Major bear target is seen at 1.6895.


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                    USD/PLN is trading to the upside since the beginning of February this year with price going from 3.9776 to a high of 4.0877. The pair is in a bull rally due to weak Polish fundamentals and respectively strong data coming from the US. Dollar bulls may try to bring it up to a first target at 4.1122. In that case, they would have to go through immediate resistance at 4.08.

                    On the other hand, Polish bulls have a slight advantage in current market environment due to the immediate resistance and weak volumes. They could push it down to major target of 3.9300. Bears have to go through a few support levels namely 4.0370, 3,9740.

                    The long-term trend remains bullish, the short-term is still bearish until we can get above 4.2800.


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                      Silver is trading to the downside in today's session. The precious metal reached a low of 17.83 as an intraday low and is now trading at 17.88. Main trend on the short-term remains bullish and today's depreciation might be regarded as a correction before the move continues higher.

                      A factor that could be in favor of the continuation of the bullish move is the 200SMA and more specifically the fact that current market price is being supported by it. If price manages to stay above the 200SMA we might see improved bullish confidence in the metal and witness a move higher.

                      First bull target is seen at 18.50, major bull target is 19.80.


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                        Gold bugs are having a time out today as the precious metal is decreasing in price due to a sharp upward move in the US dollar. Gold reached a low of $1,227 and is now trading at $1,230. Although the precious metal is down today, the bullish move remains intact.

                        Gold started to appreciate when it reached a low of $1,121 in December last year and went as high as $1,244 just a few days ago in the beginning of February this year.

                        Market sentiment remains bullish and we can expect the momentum to keep pushing the price up to a possible first target of $1,250, second important price level is the 200SMA which falls on $1,260 and major bull target is seen at $1,380.

                        On the other hand, if bears take control, price is expected to revisit first support at $1,200, second at $1,180 and third and major support at $1,130.