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  • My FX Viper review

    Hey guys - I thought it time to share my experience of FX Viper and my overall experience with the trader.

    I started following FX Viper in August 2013 so have been following his trading for 5 months and in this time he has increased my account 16% with very little draw down. I am not a fan of high risk strategies so have kept my risk low (starting off for the first few months with a risk less than 1x multiplier). As with any new trader I followed his trades for a few months previous to putting it on a live account, and then I followed my trades for the next month to make sure things were going as I had expected.

    Since September, I can honestly say I have not really paid much attention to my account. I have that much faith in the trader that I honestly believe I can leave my account in his hands and know I'm going to be safe.

    I'm lucky enough to be in a position to talk directly with the trader outside of the forum - and even during times when the general public are trying to string him up he remains very calm and collected. This is certainly a state of mind that I could never have so I have the up most respect for him.

    I think in the beginning of Forex investment its hard to not remain glued to your screen and scrutinize every trade made by the traders you follow but over the years I've tried to train my own brain to realise that I am investing in a trader because I believe they are able to grow my money - I am not in a position to be second guessing the trader. I also put my money into funds on the stock market - these basically allow an investment but I can only see a +/- profit as the months roll by. In some ways I think this is good because I am unable to #1 speak with the fund and #2 scrutinize the investments made and in turn stressing myself out!

    Forex Investment is a blessing and a curse. Its nice being able to have complete control, but I think its important to be able to seperate yourself from that investment and allow it to grow naturally without my own interaction. Just changing my risk multiplier is changing the entire strategy which has seen many a user blow accounts.

    FX Viper has put my account into plenty of profit, so I'm in a safe zone at this point and I believe his experience and state of mind will see many years of successful trading ahead. I am thankful that we have been able to have him trade for us and for those of you that stuck with him through the December drawdown I think you'lll agree that he is a true professional.

    My advise to anyone looking to invest in Forex:

    - Find a good trader that you are comfortable with (FX Viper is without doubt one of the few traders who you will be able to follow on a relatively small balance)
    - Trade a reasonably sized account if you can and keep the risk multiplier low
    - Decide what risk YOU can handle and stick to it, don't keep changing the risk multiplier as you are only shooting yourself in the foot
    - Keep an eye on the account to make sure everything trades as it should, but stay separate from the individual trades and maybe monitor weekly performance, but not trade by trade as you'll simply stress yourself out
    - If you start to become nervous at ANY POINT - you are trading to much risk.... REDUCE IT.
    - Have realistic expectations. If you have $5000 - you won't have $1million by the end of month 1... I personally like to have 35-75% gain per annum on my accounts
    - Realise and tell yourself over and over again that Forex is high risk no matter who you follow and draw down is inevitable - At some point all traders are going to have times when they lose money - Its these points in time that proves who can trade and who has had a lucky streak.

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    hmm yeah good points being made here, thanks for sharing.

    If you are glued to your screen and scrutinizing the trades then why are you not just trading your own account? Why bother using a trade copier if you are already a competent trader?


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      Dear WillIT,

      Thank you for the truthful review during January 2014. Time has flied and it would also good for you to post your experience during 1.5 years.
      Look forward to any update you may have. Thank you again.

      Sincerely Yours,