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Nick's Documentary and Interview with FX Viper

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  • Nick's Documentary and Interview with FX Viper

    The time has finally arrived for you to take a glimpse into the every day life of the Multimillionaire trader that is FX Viper.

    The full version of my FX Viper Interview and Documentary is available now!

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    And he ride range rover with 3 other car in the garrage.

    Living my dream, work from home, running wealthy business from home desk.

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      I'm buying a rover so I can be like Jeff (my mentor) !!!


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        Awesome stuff Nick! It's going to be nice watching your documentary of the man that makes us thousands!


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          Originally posted by xfire22 View Post
          I'm buying a rover so I can be like Jeff (my mentor) !!!
          I'm guessing Viper finds the Range Rover useful in the Toronto winters as they are capable in the snow.

          These videos are becoming more slick and confidently presented - looking forward to the full instalment


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            That's all I can say to you Viper!

            Thanks for sharing your views and thoughts!



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              Love it! Great setup you've got there Viper. And a fantastic insight into your world. Keep up the good work.
              If you want to get rich, just find someone making lots of money and do what hes doing.

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                Nick's Documentary and Interview with FX Viper

                Great viper


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                  Trading while driving awesome!


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                    Great video, you could already figure out what kind of person Fx Viper was in his forum posts. But this gets a little closer. I love the idea of all of us meeting up to spend time/share the success to which we indirectly share everyday from following Viper etc whether it be MAMM or the Copier. I think we should throw him a surprise party/dinner up in London with all of us!! Thanks a bunch Jeff! EDIT: & also ofcourse without rudely missing out - Nick for making this happen and bringing forward this video to us

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                      I am So impressed with what you do Nick, Thank you. And Viper ..... I'm lost for words, Glad to see your face man.... I'm one of those guys you are helping. Hope one day we can all have a Beer together


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                        Brilliant. What a great way to spend half an hour! Really insightful and genuine - I'm sure there are plenty of us subs that can relate to what you have experienced and learn from it - and I'm feeling a little wiser as a result.... when is the next installment!!

                        Can't wait for the London hook up -I'll be buying you both a beer!


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                          Really great video, professional, insightful and entertaining.

                          I didn't expect it to change the way I view Viper and his trading, but it did! It's really nice to see and learn about the man behind the name. I can almost picture Viper executing the trades when I receive the notifications now. I feel really comfortable in his hands.

                          Thank you!


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                            Excellent video. I think we all aspire to have a set up like that and be self sufficient. Well done to Jeff and Nick.


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                              Originally posted by The Hobbit View Post
                              Excellent video. I think we all aspire to have a set up like that and be self sufficient. Well done to Jeff and Nick.
                              I am wondering how many of us if reached the current milestone of Viper will offer their work for 99$ for public?

                              Many providers offer their signal seeking the profit of subscription fees to increase their income and capital invested in forex, for Viper it is surely not that case,
                              It is very obvious that most if we're in Viper's shoes won't think about the profit received from forexsignals cause of the headache of subscribers and the idea will be dropped immediately.

                              That is what I really appreciate about Viper

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