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  • Nice trading Jeff

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    • Originally posted by FX Viper View Post

      Its a shame you let your emotions get in the way and closed your trades at the top. Currently all MAMM clients are flat and enjoyed a healthy return for the day.



      Hi Fx Viper,

      first of all, nice trading today!

      Hope to not overstepping but as oportunis also pointed out, the USD now should be biased to get weaker.

      I'd like to ask if you could share some insights on what is going to be the strategy from now on. Especially now that MAMMs are flat and with this new development.



      • Viper, great trading like always. Thank you for your hard work over the years. My self like many others are here to stay!!



        • thanks Jeff. well done.


          • Good trading Jeef ;-)


            • Nice job Jeff.

              We actually had a brief conversation with Jeff leading into the election to get his thoughts on how to play it (we were a touch concerned holding positions through it).

              His prediction was that if Trump was to win that the EURUSD would push up aggressively, then drop.

              Whaddaya know, he was spot on!
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              • My Only Advice

                I joined Jeff the first time in July 2013 and endured a drawdown whilst he was trading his way out of a USDCAD trade but I got frustrated to the point where I cancelled the signal in December 2013. I rejoined his signal in March 2014 after watching Jeff trade his way out of that DD and having learned several valuable lessons.
                1. I am too emotional and impatient in regard to Forex trading.
                2. Keep the Risk level where you are comfortable with the trade size on your own account.
                2. Never monitor Jeff's trading on your account (maybe a couple of times a month)
                3. Stick with Jeff no matter what the DD because, somehow he will get out of it even if it takes a while.

                I happened to see the EUR spike up yesterday afternoon on a website and thought/wondered, when I got into work this morning just how bad my account was going to look so I logged in and what a pleasant surprise I got, given that I expected a very significant DD and assumed we would be in for another long haul.

                That's it from me except a big thank you to Jeff (keep on keeping on).



                • Hi all,
                  Due to a series of unfortunate events I blew up my account (over leveraged, bet the wrong way, etc... very sad).
                  So I want to sell one of my precious Viper signals to get back in the game.
                  Please spread the word or buy it for yourself or your loved ones.
                  Online Auction For FXViper signal subscription - Unlimited account size - $69/month


                  • Oh yeah.. No DD..

                    Pls post another interview soon nick with jeff. I wanna see his smile.
                    The forex market is already so complex, don't make it worse.


                    • Well done, Jeff! I very appreciate your job! Patience is the key!
                      Remain safe!


                      • Excellent - finally flat!! But, nobody change your leverage... I did that once and blew up in the next episode.


                        • Originally posted by FX Viper
                          Hi. I want you all to read this post as it is very important and my last post here. Over the last 3 years it had been my pleasure to have traded your accounts via the MAMM or signal service here. I am going to announce as of today I will be leaving Forex As promised I got everyone out of the draw down without any losses to your accounts. Even investors who had no positive swaps. I have had time to think over the past week and I have decided I am not interested any longer to continue trading anymore on a public forum. Yesterday’s loss by a client was the nail in the coffin. I feel really bad seeing clients loose money when really there was no reason for them to. I believe postings in public forums causes undo axiety that results with investors making foolish decisions.I really don’t want to be left in a position going forward where this could happen again. Goodbuy and good luck.


                          Wouldn't it be best to close the forums down ( prevent new posts) and continue business as normal with Nick?
                          Put the edge in your hands.
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                          • Absolutely gutted mate. Thank you for your excellent service throughout my time with you, and obviously for the considerable return you have made. I have 5.1 times my initial investment in my account and that is absolutely amazing.

                            Nick, I'm a all eggs in Viper's basket guy (and look, it worked out pretty good for me!), what's your take on a good way to stay in the game?


                            • Hey Guys,

                              There's a bit of confusion here about FX Viper. I'm yet to hear from Jeff directly, so please leave it with with me and I'll update you as soon as I'm able.
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                              • Well... it finally happened.

                                You guys only saw one side of our relationship with Jeff on this forum. While a great, hospitable guy, he's also very volatile.

                                He has threatened to quit over 20 times in the past 2 years. Always over small things like a negative post on the forum, or me asking a question about the market and possible game plan if things moved against him.

                                It all came to a head last month when he closed out the MAM's in the middle of the night without telling us and then refused to trade until he got paid his performance fees 2 weeks early (this was the reason he stopped trading, not because he needed a rest).

                                I explained that we can't just stick our hands into people's accounts in the middle of the month because he wanted to get paid, however he threatened to leave unless we did. So we moved heaven and earth to get him a $35,000 cheque and keep him on side. Everything seemed fine, until now, when I've been woken up by Will at 2am with the news that Jeff has posted on the forum that's he's quitting.

                                Honestly, I'm not actually that upset that he's decided to stop, the circumstances are certainly flabbergasting (He refused to get on a call with me and then deleted me from Skype) but all being said, I’'ve harbored fears about his strategy for a while.

                                I know many of you out there see him as a trading demigod, but the reality is that his returns have only gone in one direction, and for an obvious reason. His claims of "managing risk" are in actual fact a fear of damaging his track record of unbroken months. So he'’ll happily hold trades forever (literally) without any real cap on the downside risk provided he can still bank small winners while waiting for the market to cooperate with his view.

                                If the EURUSD had pushed up to 1.25 like many of us feared, I honestly don’t know what would have happened, and Jeff refused to discuss it… How can we work with a strategy that can’t articulate a game plan should the market move against them?

                                I know what you’re thinking. “"Sure, you say that now!”"

                                But please appreciate the sticky situation we were in. We were largely beholden to Jeff and not in a position to force his hand due to the legacy of our relationship. If things had gone bad we would have manually intervened and cut the trades, but that’s not really a solution. A trader should be able to take responsibility themselves, but with Jeff… I had zero confidence that he’d be able to make the tough decision when the time came.

                                I won'’t even go into the fact that his returns have continued to shrink and the only thing he’s interested in doing is shorting EURUSD…. Let’s face it, forex is riskier than ever right now with the recent flash crash, and if we’re going to be here in 10 years time making millions of dollars from the markets, it’s gotta be with traders that share that vision, don’t trade scared and have a consistent edge.

                                We pride ourselves as a bastion of trading talent and many of you trust our recommendations without question so we owe it to you guys to ensure that every trader that’s on or is absolutely world class.

                                So the question is - If the FX Viper strategy came across our desk today, would we trade it?


                                I don't know... I'm hesitant to be too negative here for risk of being seen as a bad sport. But we need to deal with the reality of the situation. I've personally been trying to think of a way to get FX Viper off my own accounts without looking like abandoning our cornerstone strategy for a while now. So while shocking for you guys, it's actually not such a bad thing from my perspective.

                                Moving forward we'll be contacting all clients via email explaining the situation. All FX Viper MAM accounts will be connected to SteadyCapture on the 18th of November unless specifically asked to be removed.

                                Why SteadyCapture? Because he's the best trader on the site and shown through years of perseverance that he can manage large sums of capital in a responsible way.

                                The 3x MAM will likely trade 2x risk and the 2x MAM's will trade 1.5x risk, however let me confirm that with you guys over the coming days.



                                This is not the end of the road, there are now more reasons than ever to celebrate. We finally got out of this year long drawdown on EURUSD through a bit of luck and thanks to the optimism in the US Economy about Trump’s election.

                                We cash out at equity high’s and can now reallocate the capital to more robust strategies that possess the dynamism needed to last the long term and deliver the financial freedom we’re striving for.
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