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Selling my subscription to GoldStar!! (Simpletrader)

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  • Selling my subscription to GoldStar!! (Simpletrader)

    Hello Everyone,

    For those of you that may be interested I will be selling my subscription to GoldStar on simpletrader, please pm me your offers.

    Reason for doing so is because I will be leaving forex for a while and I do not want to pay $99 a month for nothing.

    Best Regards,


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    Originally posted by uzhivach
    I'm also selling one of my subscriptions. Offers and more info on PM.

    isnt subscription tight to specifics account number?


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      Account number can be chanced in the signal settings and the subscriptions are bound to the mail address, but a signal can be transferred to another mail address.
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        Also selling a subscription pm me

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          Originally posted by dupapa
          Also selling a subscription pm me

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          Its very difficult to fool more than one at the same time
          I would advise u to wait as no one will be interested with past performance

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            Not really sherif it's either gets deleted and fails to exist or I can pass it on an someone else can have it. Who fooling anyone??

            I don't care either way as I have two subscriptions. A token of goodwill secures it.

            And your wrong there is interest. If it falls through it goes in the bin. No dramas

            What you suggesting I'm trying to scam someone??

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              I also will sell my Goldstar subscription now. It's the type which prolongs every 6 month (495 USD every 6 month).

              If you have a monthly subscription for 99 USD/month, you can cancel your subscription and save 16,50 USD every month with the change.

              You can send your offers per PM, please. The subscription has prolonged some days ago.


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                Originally posted by uzhivach
                I'm selling one of my GoldStar subscriptions. If anyone is interested please PM me. Subscription is valid till 17.08.2017.
                The GoldStar signal is open for subscriptions again.


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                  Hi i am selling my subscription, anybody interested pm me.



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                    FYI new Goldstar subscriptions are open.

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