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    (carried over from the first post on the archived thread, original post by Hans)

    by Hans Bowles .com

    This semi-automated grid system uses a complex blend of proprietary indicators to identify key levels of supply
    and demand in the gold market. Risk management is paramount with this strategy. This is managed through
    the use 1 or more large baskets of 15 small trades of identical size (no doubling or martingale unlike other grid strategies).

    As a result the strategy can absorb significant moves against the initial position.
    The goal is to always exit the basket profitably or at break even.
    There simply has never been a single grid/basket style system actually working as good as this one out there,
    which is something I'm very proud of!

    Note: This system I started as a project to turn 1K into 1M just to prove the world that holygrails are non-fiction.

    There are 4 plans of action;
    • Plan A1: Basket #1 with max 15 small trades (* automatically using GoldStar EA)
    • Plan A2: Basket #1 with max 15 small trades (* Semi-automatically using my own skills as well as GoldStar EA being used like a kind of indicator)
    • Plan B: Basket #2 with max 15 additional small trades bringing a total of max 30 trades
    • Plan C: Manually trading in the same direction with quick and fast executed orders back to break-even or minor loss (max loss of 1 profitable month)
    • Plan D: Hedging back to break-even or minor loss (max loss of 1 profitable month)
    * The choice of whether I choose to start with A1 or A2 depends of various things related to the market, news,etc.
    and is hard to see the difference of for a client. This is why I will not let post each single time whether it's done
    manually or automatically as end-result is what should matter in my opinion.

    Risk Management;

    The MAX drawdown is when the master account reaches a drawdown of 7.5%.
    I call this a soft drawdown because if I see a chance to recover from it using
    plan C or D. whereas a HARD drawdown would be basically a stoploss and no matter
    I think or want to do, I just close it. This is to make sure that I will be able to recover
    from it after the taken loss manually (plan A1) within a few months. Also I not want
    to see my accounts as well as those from my clients blown up.

    In the case it has reached 7.5% drawdown and I think it will either take a long time to
    recover back to break-even due being completely against the trend, I have made some tough
    calls before to take my loss and get back at high watermark within 2-3 months.
    Last time it took only 2 months.

    I trade myself using a risk of 1.0x, this means for each $9,000 USD in an account I trade using lots of 0.01.

    GoldStar ias been making money consistently for over 3 years and has over 200 active clients
    with a total sum of over 25+ million USD.

    New clients are invited to follow me and my strategy by joining our MAM.

    Nick and his team from ForexSignals will be the ONLY partner I will work with. I strongly advise
    business related emails from fund managers, brokers, high capital investors to contact Nick directly.

    More information and historical results regarding GoldStar at:

    More will be added in the future of 2016

    Follow GoldStar through our Managed Account at Mt Cook.

    In the spirit of everything we do here at, the GoldStar managed account is designed to make money for our clients, we're so confident in it's ability to generate a consistent returns, we have designed the fee structure to be purely performance based. So when you make money, we make money. There are no management/entry/exit fees and no pip markups.

    What you need to know:

    - Every major denomination available
    - Minimum investment of $1,000.
    - No software to install.
    - Investors get read only access to their account so they can track performance in real time.
    - No entry/exit or management fee and no spread markup.
    - 30% performance fee on a high watermark basis charged at the end of each month.
    - You can withdraw your capital at any time. No need to wait fortrades to be closed.

    How to get started: - Open an Account at Mt Cook through this link.

    The whole process only takes a few minutes to complete. If you have any questions please feel free post them below or contact Gavin Gray from Mt Cook

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    Guys - I've made a monumental cock up. I had responded to Sherif's comments but was logged in as a test user, so deleted that post - and mistakenly deleted the whole thread. I know this sounds ridiculously amateur of me and frankly it is. We have a backup from 1 hour prior to deletion but restoring this 1 thread is a lot harder than anticipated. Restoring the whole database isn't an option because during the hour there is a lot that has taken place throughout the site.

    I have all of the previous thread in a text file - so I'm able to simply post it back, but we are looking at options now.

    Please continue chat here - I'll update on the data and how we'll get it back.


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      Thanks Will,

      I know this seems a little suspicious considering the circumstances, however I spent the last 2hrs replying to everyone's comments (those that have subscribed to the thread should have received emails), so please believe this was simply a badly timed mistake having to move threads while in drawdown.

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        I am sorry for the thread loss..
        I am really frustrated from how heavy this basket has been intentionally..
        Last basket was much smaller and we were in deep sh*t ..
        I hope the max dd stated on the mamm will be respected by any means .. thats all .. as i am not willing to loose more that 30-35% of my account in one shot .. thats all ..
        And i guess this was the initial signal info stated here ..
        Good luck for everyone including me .. as now only luck will help ..
        Whatever the outcome is .. this is my final basket here ..
        Good luck all

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          Are you considering $ 2,500 portfolios in IC Markets with -1,350 in DD now?

          Appreciate your comments about it.


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            Hmm, 7,5% has ben reached. Crazy every time Asian session starts they push gold higher. Nich how many buy orders are pending? I might add on my own because my account is bleading and I cannot allow it to go further in DD as I have another trades opened from another signal that are also in DD.


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              Wow....wasn't expecting this...All trades taken off now with a substantial loss. Hans, we need some explanation here please. Guys, I'm trying to be a supporter of forexsignals as much as possible, but this just wiped out all my profits and more since last June. Have to rethink things now....


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                Not all trades closed on the mamm ...only 50 % whipping off a cool 18% off the account ..with an extra 17% of open dd ..
                Ya .. he is a pro .. actually nick is the pro .. being able to convince us to put our money in this game 😀

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                  Will and I just got off the phone with Hans as he closed out the basket. He'll be posting here shortly.

                  The IC MAM still has a handful of trades open that we're gradually closing out to ensure there isn't too much slippage.
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                    This loss hurts I lost more than invested since January last year. I wass adding more funds and increasing lots really wasn't expecting we would get another hit so soon

                    Hans Bowles what is the aproach with lot sizes now for those who have higher risk? I had 6x risk (3x risk before change) and I lost 52%, how should I setup lot sizes now? Should I reduce it to my current balance or keep the lot sizes the same as they were? I'm affraid this will take me more than a year to recover


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                      Wow... all my job with FX Viper in one year deleted in one month with this signal... very sad...

                      where are the plan of get out of that trades with many of buy stops close to being triggered?


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                        That brings total damage from oct 2016 till now to 32% loss of initial capital.. impressing ...
                        I guess hans just lost a couple of millions now.. if he is truly managing MILLIONS

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                          Hey Jonas71 - Han's has dropped 7.5% - I think we all need to put this into perspective and appreciate that the trader is abiding by his rules - and is here to fight another day.

                          Cutting trades shows us that he is willing to do what is needed to trade another day.

                          We've all lost money (myself included) - It can be annoying. If you are really that stressed out, then you are almost certainly running too high a risk... Losses happen.

                          And for those of you that keep saying that only Nick makes money from this - lets be honest here - we don't charge management fee's and we only take HWM on the MAM's....


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                            Originally posted by Sherif View Post
                            That brings total damage from oct 2016 till now to 32% loss of initial capital.. impressing ...
                            I guess hans just lost a couple of millions now.. if he is truly managing MILLIONS

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                            I know you're hurting Sherif, but you need to stop this.

                            If you want to express you're anger then email me directly.
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                              Lets all just wait and see what Hans says first before jumping to conclusions or witch-hunting. Everyone go have a stretch of the legs or a cup of tea to calm down, in order to proceed with a cool head. You won't think rationally otherwise.