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2 Million Dollar Master +4.13%
Account still being set up
It's great to see this system top the list with a solid 4% return for the month. 2MDM works best in a trending market and the short lived upward trend on EURUSD offered some favorable trading conditions.

If you want a consistent and reliable system I definitely encourage a close look at 2MDM. The owner has an enormous amount of their own money on the line with a $2.8mil verified live account being used as a master account to transmit the trading signals.
Pings EA +5.62% (20% floating drawdown)
Who likes roller coasters? Ping has gone from generating a 50% return over the past couple of months to diving into a 40% drawdown. Thankfully half of that has been recovered, however we're still not out of the woods with the current basket of trades. Hopefully AUDUSD continues to slide and gets him out of trouble.
FX Pendulum +3.13%(19% floating drawdown)
+$839 (trading 2x risk)
FX Pendulum got stuck in a basket of trades after a surprise weekend gap moved against him followed by a large recovery trade being stopped by a fraction of a pip only to see it move 50 pips in the intended direction. I believe that traders create their own luck through consistency. However in this situation I do feel for FX Pendulum. It's going to take him a month or two to recover this open drawdown, however I'm confident he'll be back above watermark high before the end of the year.
TradeAlerter +1.48%
$900 (my account is set to 2x risk)
TradeAlerter managed to hang onto a profitable month after a few swing trades moved against him yesterday. I know he's unhappy with his performance and is looking to improve returns as well as continue his string of consecutive profitable months (he's now had 6 in a row).
FX Viper +1.12%
+$776 (trading 2x risk)
I'm pleased to announce that FX Viper is now the most popular trader on our site with a large number of our members following him on the trade copier! It wasn't exactly a blockbuster month, however he got the job done and kept risk to a minimum. That's why we love him!
FX Amplified +0.14% (4% floating drawdown)
$4,142 (my account is set to 4x risk)
FX Amplified... why do you do this to us? Just when we saw a glimmer of hope that you were going to start pumping out the pips again you decided to hold a trade for 3 weeks while it dropped into a 300 pip drawdown.

That being said, we know that this trader will recover. it's just a question of when and what strategy he's going to use to do it. The answer to those questions is anyone guess.
Pipsopolis -7.96%
It's 2 steps forward and 2 steps back for Pipsopolis as he gave back the profit of August back during September. No major damage done, however he is long overdue for recovery back to his watermark high