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  • Post your monthly profits here

    I'd like to start this thread so new and seasoned members can gauge how they are doing given the number of traders and brokers and options available..
    For example, I would like to start subscribing to Viper but given the number of times on his forum page subscribers miss out on the same profits because of slippage or their broker didn't fill or close trades at the same time as Viper makes me hesitate to start with him, esp given my capital of $2k Aud.
    It doesn't have to be the exact amount either, even just a + or - sign for the month and the name of the trader and the broker and whether a MAM or subscription. I think it is best to deduct any fees, eg monthly subscription, from any profit for the month so that it is a genuine profit or loss. For example: Aug 2015 Viper monthly subscription Axi x2 ++ (amounts/percentage/plus or minus signs as many as you like)
    Anything so that I and others who are deciding which trader they prefer or which one they want to join next. You know, information to make an informed choice as possible.

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    It's easy for you. You can only invest in the mam since no Signal subscriptions are available and the MAM performance is shown publicly. And those pips are exactly what you will get.


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      No there are folks out there that still have SUBS. Which I know 100's have dropped Viper because lacking of 1 thing or another. You can't get a subscription anymore. ONLY MAM account and You can't get MAM account if you are USA Citizen This thread is irrelevant any way because there is page on the forum with all signals on Simpletrader and connectforex used to post questions comments and concerns to the specific signal that is followed or in question...


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        So, EricB, how much did you make last month, with which trader, broker, risk,?

        And where is the page of which you mention Simpletrader and connectforex?

        I was talking about individual members, not the traders themselves.
        And I cant afford a MAM account just now so it'd have to be subscription for me. And I am tossing up between Smart2 and Kilimanjano to start with. I'm sure there are others like me.