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August 2015 Profit Report

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  • August 2015 Profit Report

    August was crazy!

    Crazy good, or crazy bad?

    August was the most volatile month since the height of the financial crisis in 2008. The markets whipped back and forth with ferociousness. Those that over leveraged, or panicked are left licking their wounds with the prospect of a long recovery ahead.

    So, what about us? How did we do? Well I'm pleased to confirm that we did ok. There were a few stressful moments as markets punctured yearly highs/lows on a number of pairs, but at the end of the month our traders - for the most part - managed to claw back to profitability.
    All statistics verified by Myfxbook. Past returns may not be replicated in the future.

    FX Viper + 0.69%
    You'd be forgiven for thinking that August was quiet for FX Viper with a modest 0.69% return. Well, you'd be wrong. This was one of Viper's most turbulent. With large pip draw-downs offset by record winners, all in all they cancelled each other out to give us a slightly positive month, but the real net result was that we got to observe the trader dealing with adversity. He cut losers as they ran away, added when the time was right and kept margin low. Hats off!

    I'm also excited to announce that the next installment of the FX Viper Documentary franchise will be available on 21st September. Click here for more information.

    Smart2 + 0.88%
    The fortunes of Smart2 also swung like a pip filled pendulum. He began the month hot, banking over 5% in quick succession only to give it back to the market and extend his peak to trough drawdown to it's highest level since the signals inception (10.29%). Don't fret though, the loss was quickly recovered through outstanding entry and exit management pulling himself back into profitability with an 8/9 month winning track record.

    Kilimanjaro +1.24%
    Kilimanjaro is the most under rated signal in the cosmos. There, I said it!

    This guy comes from an institutional background and has shown he has the wares to generate consistent returns while keeping exposure low across his 500+ trades to date. Let me throw a few numbers at you to see if you agree.

    Maximum Drawdown: 2.21% (yeah, that's right!)
    Average risk/reward: 1:1
    Master account : $90k+ (yeah, he's got over $90k of his own money on the line)
    Average trade duration: 3:55hrs

    I feel bad for anyone who is yet to appreciate the contribution this signal can make to their portfolio, and I want to put an end to it. So please keep an eye out for an interview with Phil (the trader) and a special promotion later in the month

    SteadyCapture +2.37%
    Ok, let's not be back slapping and butt grabbing just yet. SteadyCapture still has shovel in hand as his coal stained face begins to emerge from the AUDNZD hole that he put himself in during July, but what is encouraging is how he's doing it with conviction and consistency. We all make mistakes, it's how we react to those mistakes that reveals our true character and fortitude. I'm confident Jay (the trader) is showing us that he has just that.

    I look forward to his recovery building momentum over the coming months.
    Speaking of mistakes... For those of you that remember TradeAlerter, I'm sad to say that a couple of fatal errors have resulted in his downfall and removal from the site. For more information and a full, no holds barred interview with the trader, click here.
    Most companies like to send emails to their clients when times are good. However I've made the decision to reintroduce the monthly performance report during our worst performing month of the year. Why? Because we're here for a long haul and we have a story that needs to be told.

    We want 2 things.
    1. Our clients to make money (big one!)
    2. Our clients to understand the volatile nature of trading the Forex market.

    If we can deliver on these goals we'll continue to grow our community of like minded clients and all make money over the long term.

    Who's coming with me?


    Nick -

    Remember - Forex is a risky business. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. We take no responsibility for any loss (financial or otherwise) as a result of our signals, technical issues related to our site/software or your own greed.
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