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October 2015 Profit Report

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  • October 2015 Profit Report

    12.29% Return In 30 Days

    Smart2 knocks it outta the park in October!

    October was one hell of a month! Volatility was high and our traders capitalised (for the most part). Smart2 being the obvious standout with the best monthly return for the year from our team.

    In other exciting news, I'm now on Twitter! So if you'd like to get regular updates on the markets, our traders and my video blog (new update coming soon) please add me @NickMcDonaldFX
    All statistics verified by Myfxbook. Past returns may not be replicated in the future.

    Smart2 + 12.29% (2.59% Drawdown)
    Hot diggity dog! Smart2 played the market like a fiddle during October taking advantage of several big moves on Kiwi crosses. He finished the month up a whopping 829 pips. What more can I say, this guy deserves all the praise he gets.

    "Vijay is the most humble successful trader I know. He's so humble, we should give him an "I Am Humble!" badge"

    SteadyCapture +5.51%(0.53% Drawdown)
    Steady Capture saw an opportunity with the weakening EURUSD during October and grabbed it with both hands. The bulk of his gains were on the back of shorting after the ECB rate announcement, but what was interesting was the way in which he loaded into a basket after the initial spike down had retraced and we headed into the Asian session. It was beautiful to watch!

    In related news, he's almost back to equity highs once again!

    "Just checked my accounts this morning, one trade after another -a green screen - a big smile- many thanks "

    FX Viper + 1.34%(2.37% Drawdown)
    29/30 profitable months... that's a LOT!

    The Viper train continues to roll on with no sign of stopping any time soon.

    "Fantastic, thanks again for another SAFE month with pips in the bag, there has been some interesting PA this month, has been great watching you play it out! Well done, and again thank you!"

    Kilimanjaro -4.16%
    Kilimanjaro is currently building an equity curve to resemble his namesake. See that little peak in the background of the logo? That's what coming up next month

    I also recently had the pleasure of meeting Phil and his wife Cass at the annual So They Can fund raiser in Sydney. It was fantastic getting to know him in more detail and meet some of his former colleagues. He has no doubt he'll succeed trading his own money, just like he did at the banks for 13 years, it may just require a few small reinventions along the way.
    I'm also pleased to announce that we're now offering all new clients a 2 week free trial to use our trade copier and follow any of these amazing traders!*

    Simply jump onto the traders page through the links above and sign up with your PayPal account. You won't be charged until the end of the trail and you can cancel at any time.

    November is normally amoung the years most volatile, may it rain pips upon all of us!


    Nick -

    *excludes FX Viper

    Remember - Forex is a risky business. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. We take no responsibility for any loss (financial or otherwise) as a result of our signals, technical issues related to our site/software or your own greed.
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